Monday, December 31, 2012


I haven't disappeared, promise!  Since last post - oh, jeez, has it really been since November? - in no particular order, Matt & I went to Ireland for a gorgeous wedding, it took me 20 hours to get back home, I was seriously jet-legged forever, I had to do penance at work for having the unmitigated gall to take time off, Matt got sick, work was intense, The Boy got sick, I got sick, work was intense, The Girl caught a cold, I was still sick... and work has been, a-hem, intense.  Throw in a little SAD, complicated by The News, a lovely case of writers block, a not so nice case of SAHM jealousy (More time! I need more time!), and here we are.  At least I'm posting something this month, so December's archives won't be empty, but my something will be in the form of grainy digital images.
Merry belated Christmas!  As special days go, it was exceptionally low key this year, for the reasons above.  Matt usually puts enough lights up to drain the power grid, but this year went bare bones, just enough to fend off allegations of atheism.  And no one felt like eating (or cooking) on Christmas day so the kids nibbled on some sweet potato and we called it good.  But we were together, Santa came, and there was ribbon.

And there were cookies for breakfast.  

 She was All About the presents this year.  

 The Boy's Christmas jammies... from maybe 4 years ago?  
Laundry was something of a challenge for us this month.  

 These dimples are all I need for Christmas, ever.

Matt went low key on the lights, but he did all the communicating 
with Santa this year so Mommy was 98% Thrilled.

Least Exciting Present, Ever.  
AKA, the magic of photography.  Don't they both look fascinated?
Mommy was being practical & suggested some new kiddie sheets to round things out under the tree. You know - planes, trucks, dogs, Spongebob, something fun.
Santa pick blue stripes.  

Santa found a drum set on sale & ignored mommy's reservations. 
Santa may lost his flippin' MIND. 
He will shortly lose his hearing.

Ho Ho Ho!