Thursday, August 12, 2010

What happens when you have 3 dogs

First, the girl & her daddy:

TB (the boy), delaying bedtime:  Don't turn off the lights!  I'm afraid of the dark!
Me:  Since when?  Why are you scared of the dark?
TB:  There are ghosts.
Me:  Mean ghosts or nice ghosts?
TB:  Most are nice, but some are mean.
Me:  Tell them to go away.
TB:  Sometimes they won't.
Me:  Should we spray water at them?
TB:  Mom!  It'd go right through them (i.e., don't you know ANYTHING?)
Me: Should we turn on the fan so they blow away?
TB:  No, the only thing that works is vacuuming them up.
Me:  Oh - those aren't ghosts honey, those are dust bunnies.

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