Friday, October 22, 2010

Gigi and the kids, last July. 
Little girl's 15 months older now  - so many changes.
Though this wasn't the best picture of her
(I usually delete the overly vacant shots)
It was also freakishly cold for July, hence the awkward blanket.

I took the boy to lunch yesterday after a MD visit.  The hostess at our local Steak & Shake had DS.  I think I'm ok with this all but I spent our lunchtime watching her, and eyeballing her co-workers.  I would have guessed they were all in high school but it was noon on a Thursday so probably early 20s (which dates me a bit, but nevermind that)... working in a burger joint far from any college.  Surely they're old enough to have outgrown the bullying.  Are they kind to her?  Do they include her? 

The surfer-dude/waiter knocked over a bunch of silverware and I was relieved it wasn't her.  Later, when some people came in and self-seated, I caught an eye roll.  Our girl had clearly gone on break - we'll assume the eye rolling was for the presumptuous customers? And not the absent hostess?  Yes?  I wanted to know more but what do you ask?  Are you happy?  Do you like working here?  How did you get the job?  How often do weirdly solicitous customers ask you overly-personal questions?  Are the truckers and construction guys eating there patient with her?  Do rowdy teenager boys come in and.... can't even go there.  
But then again it should be normal & I shouldn't be making a fuss. 
But I know where we're going to be eating henceforth. 

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