Sunday, January 27, 2013


Is winter over yet?  Can it be?  Please?  Now!?  I don't think this house has been un-infectious since November.  One person gets over something, passes it along to someone else, and then promptly goes out and picks up a brand new set of symptoms.  We are a swirling mass of virus and bacteria.  Wanna come over for some wine?  

This weekend, much to my delight, the symptoms included midnight vomiting.  Remember that scene in Stand By Me where one person starts vomiting and the smell makes everyone else start puking too?  Yeah, sort of like that.  We later turned the news on to hear that some new especially virulent strain of norovirus was running amuck.  This article calls it the "Ferrari of the Virus field".  I always thought getting a Ferrari would be... I dunno... more FUN.

So the washing machine hasn't stopped and select portions of the carpet have been steam cleaned.  I did sneak out for a 4 hour breakfast at Denny's with the ever lovely RK yesterday (for the record, it was before I heard about the Ferraris, though I didn't let her hug me and we had separate creamers), so it hasn't been all grim pestilence around here, but I don't think a certain little girl is leaving the house tomorrow.

I also, in one brief shining weekend, ran a half marathon with my un-tagable, once-internet-now-IRL friend at Disney.  I'd signed up in a giddy moment after seeing it linked on FB, not realizing that maybe taking the family to Disney two months after a trip to Ireland and mere weeks after Christmas might not be the most fiscally responsible decision ever, but lots of people have survived on bread and water for a lot longer than we're going to have to, so Win!  I still have to upload pictures so will save that story for another day (spoiler alert:  I did not win).  Just wanted to pop in here & let y'all know we're still hanging on by our cracked, dry, over-washed hands.


  1. I'm thrilled that your sense of humor appears intact and really rather in awe that it is!

  2. Uhoh! You all just keep getting hit with the crud :-( Noro has hit us (us being Texas), but not at the same caliber as RSV and the flu. I image in a few weeks we shall be singing the same song as. Btw, please send the cold to us . . this 80 degree nonsense is making our allergies horrendous. My eyes are nearly swollen shut!

    Anyway, I hope everyone feels better and stays well after the bout of nastiness

  3. Well Ferrari, huh? Wow. So far it hasn't parked in our garage... Thank goodness! But the ridiculous I-sound-like-I-have-a-clothespin-on-my-nose congestion and barky cough is getting a little worse each day. Boo. I miss simple healthy breathing.

    Breakfast was absolutely enjoyable, as always. Funny that the time flies like it does in that place...

  4. haha! So, are you feeling better now? Also, why do you not post these links on FB? I'm behind on things, I guess.

  5. You failed to mention how you saved my silly little life We'll always have our poolside cocktail memories. I am so glad I just reminded myself. Ahhh, needed that.