Sunday, April 28, 2013

Firsts, Flames, & Falls

The Boy attended his First Communion last Saturday and, all warnings to the contrary, I did not burst into flames upon entering the church.  I will spare y'all my convoluted thoughts on religion, the Catholic one in particular, since it was his day and this is just a nice excuse to post some pictures.

Today we spent at the park taking pictures for the local Down syndrome calendar which is only relevant because the kids wore the same outfits today as they are here and nobody is allowed to notice (when I finally get around to posting them) the different between my iPhone photos and those from the nice lady's four figure camera.  

There was cake. 

The Girl was Very Excited about it.

I think forks are unnecessary too. 

It was also my MIL's birthday. 
Happy Birthday! 

The Boy and his Godparents.  

I may have not burst into flames but five minutes into the service The Girl took a header off Matt's lap and into a bible, giving herself this rather impressive shiner.   The jokes just write themselves around here, don't they?  The lady today assured me she could photoshop the remaining purple out.  Wouldn't want anyone thinking God had it in for my special angel.

P.S.  Matt would like to point out that The Girl was next to him, not on his lap, and it may have been a music book, not a bible, but my story is better so it stands.    


  1. That is quite the shiner! that cakes wants good. now I want chocolate instead of a nice healthy lunch or instead of lunch in general.

  2. Even considering the adorable pics and the jokes that write themselves and the fact that you didn't actually burst into flames but had some reason to be concerned about this in advance, I have to say that my favorite part of this post is that you spelled "y'all" correctly.

  3. The header into the bible literally cracked Caitlin and I up as we were reading this!

    You make me laugh my friend. Which is so good for my soul.

    I owe to an email. The last 3 days were INSANE.

  4. Congrats on the 1st Communion! They look so spiffy all dressed up. But ouch on that shiner! Wow!