Friday, March 14, 2014


Yesterday morning I wondered if I could write a little bit, every day.

BWAHAHA.  Then I fell out of my chair with the sheer ridiculousness of that idea. 

I remembered my mom emailed me a random funny blog post, many, many years ago, with the suggestion I start my own blog.  "Oh, no," I said with my usual unerring prescience, "You need to be a little unbalanced to write a blog. Those people take entirely inconsequential passing moments and turn them into A Thing and who has time for that?"


Please forgive me, I knew not of what I spoke - apparently I AM a little unbalanced and can spin three paragraphs out about absolutely nothing.  Or, as one kind reader recently pointed out, three paragraphs of "drivel and whining."  

Not to say any of y'all are unbalanced.  My favorite fellow bloggers actually seem extraordinarily competent & level headed, even in the face of some epic level bullshit.  I, however, can't write about work for fear of getting fired and my extra curricular activities are curtailed by budget & the time restrictions of said job... So I end up with whining drivel.  I was going for "struggling for work/life balance" but alas. Apparently. 

The only time I was (intentionally) dickish online was when someone waxed on about the "right way" to blog and criticized various others' headers, fonts, & post lengths.  Apparently I'm a latent libertarian as this random inconsequential post filled me with rage. How DARE someone presume there is a "right way"?  The Internet is home to everything from cat videos to impassioned essays for justice - but nooo, let's start culling the poor assholes who don't recognize the incontrovertible superiority of Times New Roman over Arial. And don't even get me started about comic sans

Or -and here's a novel idea- the High Inquisitors of Social Media could simply move on and read something else.  Or saaayyy... do the dishes.  

I very nearly just took this blog private but that is really, really annoying what with all the passwords & secrecy & stuff so I will formally state, for the record, that if you don't like the drivel found here there are some really awesome cat videos over on YouTube.  Also?  Go screw yourself.  


  1. I actually found out that you can be judged on punctuation and grammar and such. Like that some how measures your worth or intellect. Can't people just be nice? Or maybe this is why I just don't like many people on the whole anyway. How is that for dickish?

    Who gives a crap. Just write my friend. Just write.

    But we seem to work well to ether so lets go with that and it's all good.

    Hurry up and come back to LA, okay?

    1. I will be there in the next couple mos! Will email to arrange! xoxo

  2. I actually had to come back and comment because, though I read this post this morning, I was just sitting at my desk laughing at the "Someone is wrong on the internet!" meme. I was in bed awake for much too long last night for that very reason... Thanks for the laugh! I guess I like drivel...

  3. "The only time I was (intentionally) dickish online was when someone waxed on about the "right way" to blog and criticized various others' headers, fonts, & post lengths. "--Oh yes, I am remember this. You were not the only one! I had the same thing happen with as Heather--someone corrected my grammar. I unfriend her. There you go! Childish, yes. It felt good though. . .keep writing!

    1. Uh-oh, you know it was something when OTHER people remember it too! Yikes! :)