Sunday, August 31, 2014

On Clouds & Light

This summer was not great, for all the usual reasons (work & $$$), but it got to me more than normal and I have, frankly, not been in a Good Place.  
Actual storm over our house.  #JoysOfMidwestWeather

But my foot issue has faded to "manageable" and I've been getting out in the morning for some veerrryy slow, very short jogs. (I've been getting up early enough to run because I can't sleep worth a damn, but let's ignore that, for narrative purposes).  

It's also a three day weekend and while I still have to work, no one is expecting anything from me till Tuesday.  Yay? 

These creatures have gone back to school too, ending the financial hemorrhage that was Summer Care.
One was obviously more happy about it than the other, but she loves her para.

Yesterday morning I awoke to find the clouds had broken up.  Weird.  I don't know if it's the running or just my effed up brain chemistry righting itself.  But something to celebrate.  

And here I have been mocking the rainbows...

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