Sunday, May 27, 2012

7 Days and One Z-pac Later

Happy Birthday Little Boy

The Boy's Party was delayed thanks to recent pestilence but that gave me a whole week to remember someone had gifted us these pirate decorations 2 Christmases ago.  He'd wanted a Spongebob party and they were nautical.  Why not?  

Also the traditional [Familial Name] Angel Food with Orange and Lemon Frosting.  Yes, I capitalized that intentionally.  The Family cake is nothing to mess around with.

The various grandparents gifted him a bike, a boomerang, a pair of stilts and build-your-own electronics 16 ways to shock yourself.  No one gifted mommy any valium or the expected ER co-pay.  We're taking bets on which will land him in the hospital first.

Not posted - the pictures of ME running around the block with him, dripping in sweat and heart thudding.  I might need to ratchet up my jogging a bit.   Also, yes, we might've waited a bit too long to lose the training wheels.  Shush.

Tima's visit happily coincided with the rescheduled party.  I called her on Thursday to say The Boy was still home sick and this might not be the best weekend but I had her flight info wrong and she was already here ("here" being flyover country), visiting my brother and his wife (WHO IS EXPECTING - SQUEE!), but the Z-pac kicked in and all was well.  The boy made it to the last day of school, all 3 hours of it, on Friday and we were able to further deplete the helium reserves on Saturday.  Did you know there was a helium shortage?   Matt said he's known for years - I just found out last week.  Hmm.
Tima & company
Uncle G.

My brother, preparing for parenthood by perfecting that Y-chromosome gift of being able to sleep while children climb on you.    
Thirsty dolly
Pre party, helium abuse.
Also, fuzzy picture, but there is a small critter trying to eat the cupcakes in this shot.

Signing bike

 Also, I love this dress.  It's already wrinkled here because spray starch seems to be in short supply too, but she'd also worn it to a Cinco de Mayo party, I forgot to get pictures, & I'm not above recreating events....

At Cinco, after we switched to PJs.

or finding a weak reason to post this picture.
Party dad.


  1. So much fun! Your children are beautiful -- and I love that little Mexican dress!

  2. Haaaa! What a lively post. I love how The Girl totally photo-bombed the shot of The Boy with his new bike. Also, her face in the shot where she's signing "bike" is so lively and excited--LOVE! As for Daddy in his sombrero...hahaha, no comment.

  3. Gorgeous dress! and gal and guy(s)! I kept the cute little things that I thought were special- silly eh? Girl things, sigh....