Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hugging Hunter

Background:  The military is trying to address PTSD and the general emotional health of soldiers (partially?) with this program:  Hunt the Good Stuff.

Which, I always love to point out, shortens to HuGS.  Its official name appears to be "Comprehensive Resilience Module," which is amusing in its own right, but that link goes to a power point with smiley face icons so pick your poison.

Military lingo aside, I'm trying to play along because I am a lucky, lucky girl in a thousand different ways but... I have to work at it.  Which is annoying, but a fact of life.  So there.

Happy belated Memorial Day to everyone who served, is serving, and their families.

In the blogging equivalent of closing my eyes, covering my ears, and singing la-la-la-la-la, these are the things that made me happy today.  Well, this weekend and today, because today I was back at work engrossed in some scintillating continuing ed courses - but then all the more reason to hold on to the happy stuff, right?

Or, you know, hunt it down and tackle it.

#1.  The Hunter.  My sweet, ugly, aging Maude pulled something again and has been limping around so badly I've started carrying all awkward, protesting 65# of her down the stairs in the morning.  Matt reported her alleged injury did NOT stop her from bolting at top speed across the yard after an errant rabbit a few days ago.  A miraculous recovery I myself witnessed tonight as she bolted across the kitchen toward her dinner bowl.  I'm not judging though.  Food is a powerful motivator.

#2.  Speaking of food, my guilty pleasure du jour:  Hawaiian rolls with a bit a mayo and cheddar cheese.  [And leftover angel food cake]

#3.  Tima's visit.  And family pictures.
Also, finding a family picture in which someone isn't making a goofy face.
Never mind that no one is looking at the camera.
It's artistic, right? 

#4.  Siblings, mine & theirs.

#5.  Continuing Ed ethics courses that haven't been updated since 2004 and cite NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's cases against various insurance carriers as an example of a needed ethical crackdown.  

#6.  Continuing Ed quizzes which ask this question without a trace of irony -  

#7.  Having to explain to my co-worker why I was laughing so hard... and then having to explain who Eliot Spitzer was.  That's the upside of being the oldest person in the room.

#8.  Also, everyone is healthy, the weather cooled off, Matt remembered my dry cleaning, and the cake is finally gone, so I can get back to my magnificently failing diet.
Happy effin' Tuesday.


  1. That Continuing Ed question is wild --

  2. All good stuff and my or may not be stealing the closing line of "Happy effin' ... " Classic.

    Pictures are darling of the darlings.

  3. Oh my goodness, that ethics question is hilarious! We can never get a family photo in general and when we do, my eyes are closed and Ellie is screaming because she wants to escape our clutches. Eh, it is what it is.

  4. I do love a gratitude list. I'm tempted to go get some Hawaiian rolls. Honestly, any excuse for mayonnaise, one of my favorite foods (for real!).

  5. Awww, it's nice that you are kind to your old guy (the dog, not the hubby :). Oh how I love irony!