Monday, June 18, 2012

Checking In.

I have been a terrible, horrible, no good blogger lately.  This month has just been jam packed with extra stuff, mostly fun, on top of my usual work/life balance issues, and y'all have taken the hit.  Not only am I neglecting this space, there are now well over 300 posts waiting in my reader - Sorry!

I don't see it improving in the near future though so am going to revert to a photo-a-day for a bit.  Maybe throw in an inane haiku to spice things up.  Oh yeah, nothing but parties around here!

This weekend we went to my SIL's family's lake house near Bridal Cave to celebrate the end of my youth.  And, as if to confirm, the entire group was yawning by 9:30pm.  Awesome.

But, there was fishing,
Beers at the dock, splashing kids,
And cake.  Always cake.

Happy Father's Day!
To mine, theirs, & dads-to-be
(I forgot your card).


  1. Happy end of youth! (No wait, that doesn't sound right at all....)


  2. That place looks beautiful, and while I've missed your posts, I'm looking forward to a photo a day!

  3. I'll take a few pictures and Haiku's. I never was good at Haiku's in school so I am impressed.

    good luck balancing the work and the fun and remember, keep eating the cake. It always makes everything better.

  4. Thanks goodness you haven't been writing then I'd have to add yours to my 300 plus bogs in my reader :)