Saturday, July 28, 2012

And Then We Were Four

Happy Birthday Little One.

Your brother & I have one of those silly games where we take turns saying,
"I love you!"
"I love you more!"
"I love you to the stars and back!"
"I love you to the stars and back a billion times!"
"I love you to the stars and back a bajallion kajallion times!"

Although I could easily list a bajallion kajillion reasons why I love you, that would make for a really long post.  You are turning four years old this year, but I'd have a hard time limiting this to just four things, and loving you to the stars and back ten times four is probably just long enough to drive away most of our readers.  Plus, Mommy turned 40 this year so it seems karmic.
Month One.
I love your grin.  I love the way you pat my back when I hug you.  I love the way you pat your dollies' backs when you put them down for a nap.  I love the way you hug your brother when he's sad.
 I hate that we almost no photos of your first few months.  
5-6 days after they fixed your heart.
I love the way you don't nap anymore, but spend the time reading to your dolls.  I love the way you run away from me laughing when I tell you it's diaper time.  I love the way you've learned to sign.  I love the way you try really really hard to hold up two fingers when you're asking for two cookies.
No nap today.
I love that you know two whole cookies are better than two half cookies.  I love the way you try really really hard to hold up your pinkie finger when you sign, "I love you."  I love that you know all your colors.  I love the way you throw a fit when you think your brother is getting something you aren't.
I love your dramatic pout when we don't understand you or we say no.  I love that you are fearless at the park.  I love that you are fearless when we wrestle and play airplane.  I love that you learned to love the water this summer.  I don't love it when you climb on the dining table and make the lights swing.

I love it when you run across the room to hug me.  I love it when you hug my legs.  I love that you are verbalizing "up" and holding your arms up for me to hug you.  [Bonus:  I love it when you hold your arms out and fall into me from the edge of the pool or the stairs.]  I love that you can tell the dogs to shoo and push them out of the way.
I love that you love to throw the dogs' toys for them and feed them your toast.  I love the way you try to sneak out the bathtub.  I love the way you hold your feet up for me to wash and then laugh hysterically when it tickles.  I love the way you insist on brushing your own teeth first.
I love the way you agree, most of the time, that after you're done, it's Mommy's turn to brush your teeth.  I love the way that when we're done, and I pick you up, you always give me the biggest hug and smile at us together in the bathroom mirror.  I love that you're signing full sentences now.  I love that your second sentence was, "I want play Mommy's hair."  [Your first sentence was "I want candy."  I might not love that.  Though it is adorable.]  I don't really love the hollering, but I understand it.

I love that your very very favorite activity is to sit behind me on the couch, with a blanket, and play with my hair.  I love that you aren't yanking on it anymore.  I love that you try to sing with me when I'm humming your nighttime song.  I love that you are as a terrible singer as I am.

I love it when you ask where your brother and daddy are.  I love it when you ask for more books at bedtime.  I love that you take your plate back to the kitchen after dinner.  I love it, most of the time, when you try to help me empty the dishwasher.

I love it when you growl like a tiger or bear when we're reading about them.  I love your "Mmmmmm" when I give you a treat.  I love the way you say "Thank you" after.  I love that you might be left-handed.

You have Graced our lives.
Happy Fourth Birthday.
Almost Four.


  1. Big time happy birthday!!! Love love love the pictures from back in the day. And I'm also in that don't-have-pics-from-the-first-few-months, and it bums me out, too.

    Hope you had a marvelous day with the birthday girl!

  2. Happy 4th birthday! I love the look back over the years - what a cutie you have!

  3. Thanks guys! Party this weekend = more pictures.

  4. Oh, what a great post! I might steal the whole idea of it for Maybelle's fourth birthday post at the end of this month. Is that fair? I'll give you credit!

    Your daughter (whose name I almost let drop here!) is just absolutely beautiful, and she has such an adventurous, warm, assertive personality. It's so cool that she plays with your hair, and I loved how pissed off she got when Maybelle took off with her dolls in DC. Good for you, girl! Let those other kids know the dolls belong to YOU!

  5. Happy Birthday big girl! Four!

    what a lovely post. so weird to look back, isn't it?

    Half cookies. honestly. knock that off!

  6. Happy Birthday! Beautiful post. Graced your lives, indeed.

  7. Happy birthday! Beautiful post. Graced your lives, indeed. xoxo

  8. By the way, that rickrack dress = I might die of the cuteness.

  9. Where the heck have I been! Lovely post and a wonderful celebration of a wonderful gal!

  10. She is beautiful! What a wonderful post.