Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy March 21st!

Three Twenty-One, up
close.  This girl, joy, love defies

But much as I adore this girl, I could not summon the energy last night to make several dozen sugar cookies to accompany my now traditional Down syndrome awareness email-to-the-co-workers.  So I brought pies.  Store bought pies (the horror!).  We didn't celebrate Pi day so I'm calling it a two-fer.  Three-fer if you add in St. Paddy's day.  Happy March!


  1. What an adorable photo, and I am always so glad to come here and read snippets of your life!

  2. Um, what is Pi-Day. . . I get the 3.14..... but what day is that and what do you do? We wore green on St. Paddy's Day. I'm Irish. It is sacrilege if you don't wear green. Great pic of The Girl!!!!! She is growing up

  3. I think buying pies is a good tradition, one that maybe can replace your OH MY GOD SO OVER THE TOP AND GUILT-INDUCING tradition of making cookies for your coworkers. You are amazing, and they will be grateful for pie.