Monday, March 12, 2012

Lies & Stories I Tell Myself

  • I'll go running later.
  • I went running (not that far) so it's OK if I eat that.
  • Chocolate milk is a recovery drink (True!  But probably only the first glass).
  • I don't mind my hour long commute at all.  It's relaxing "me" time.
  • I would absolutely keep my job if I were independently wealthy.  Keeps me sharp. 
  • I would be an great cook if only I had a little more time in the day. 
  • Throwing the ball for the dogs is just like taking them for a walk.
  • Our house smells like roses and warm dinner, not like 3 wet dogs.
  • I'm just going to turn on the computer for 5 minutes to check my email.
  • Daycare is good for kids!  Teaches them socialization skills and what to do with glue & pipecleaners.
  • Listening to the radio during my hour long commute keeps me fully informed.
  • I'm a calm, stoic person.  Pondering all the the things that can go wrong during anesthesia, intubation, major surgery a simple adenoidectomy, and/or what they will find tomorrow during my daughter's hearing test or completely routine by now echocardiogram , is a rational assessment of risk/reward, not at all a sign of obsessive paranoid crippling fear. 
  • I'm sure it's going to be a super-productive day at work today. 


  1. Keep telling yourself all these and more. It's what makes the journey doable sometimes.

    Sending all good things your way for tomorrow and beyond, as the fear creeps in.

  2. Uh oh, it's NOT okay to eat that if I went running (not that far)?!? Darn!

    Keep us posted on how things go with the medical adventures.

  3. I keep telling myself almost all of those same things. . .only I have 2 wet dogs, not three and I do not have an hour long commute. Oh and I don't run, but I applied those stories to all of my other workout endeavors. So I say, keep on telling yourself these things!

  4. Much success with the medical journey. I suggest good distraction tonight. Maybe old episodes of 30 Rock?