Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crackers Count Cloudy Community Conspiracies

What?  Should there have been commas in that header?  Sorry, no, this isn't actually going to be about white neighborhood militias.  Though that might be fun some other time.

Patrolling the subdivision:

Cracker Counting:
As a follow up to my last post about all the marvelous things my girl is up to, I forgot to mention the counting.  She has a mild cracker obsession and will request them periodically during mommy's computer time her Signing Time lessons but one cracker will no longer do.  She wants two.  And she is trying SO HARD to isolate that first and middle finger.  If I offer her one she pouts and starts working on her fingers and says something that sort of sounds like "doh".  You would not believe the smile I get when I then ask if she wants two - she has been Understood.  The best part is when I try to break the cracker in two - what toddler doesn't that work on?  Mine.  Her hearty appetite may be to blame but if I try that ol' trick there are sometimes tears.  Not that I enjoy making my child cry, but that kid knows two halves is most assuredly NOT TWO.  So proud.

She also loves love loves her shadow.  Photos from our windy Wednesday walk without.

Community (Part II) and Conspiracies:
Despite years and years of muttering under my breath about the creepiness that is Facebook, I...
(I signed up.)

Windy!  That's the feeling of free falling into the 21st Century.  

I think I mentioned I newly have access at work.  I STILL wasn't going to do it because Big Brother, blah, blah... But my manager forced my hand when she refused to look up any more plaintiffs for me (Privacy settings people!  Also, a suggestion:  If you want someone else to pay for your back surgery, don't post photos of yourself on the Mother of all Roller Coasters).  Ever since, I've found it to be an enormous time suck.  A deliriously compelling time suck, but a time suck all the same.  Someone please tell me the novelty wears off soon?  I've already looked up all the mean girls from high school and a couple exes, thinking that would be the end of it, but I started playing Words With Friends yesterday, and despite being well & truly trounced, I'm having a teensy bit of a problem walking away from the computer.  I had, actually, planned to ease into it (family only!) but Cate signed me up for a couple groups and Carrie sent me a gazillion friend "suggestions".  I didn't tell her this (hi Carrie!) but I was actually going to ignore them all, until it struck me that I have a public blog, fergawdssake, so why not?  Connecting with all those families - even if our families never meet up in Puerto Vallarta, we MAY still meet at a buddy walk or the NDSC conference (plug:  or at the fun run that you should still send an email about so that it happens!).  What a tremendous resource it will be for IEPs, therapies, etcetera.  Even if you/yours aren't sporting an extra chromosome, you never know when your flight might get cancelled in my fair city... or when you might need an ego boost by besting me in WWF.  So.  If you're reading and I haven't "befriended" you, and you don't have that same idealistic only "real friends" & family rule, send me an email & I'll tell you my real name.  (I still don't want to be google-able & am keeping the work/"real" life wall intact).  I promise I'll stop using air quotes around "friends" shortly.

Bonus photos:

Run!  Faster!  Or they'll figure out you're a suburban mom!!  Scary!

PS.  More than one person has expressed their, um, displeasure with blogger's new comment system so I'm going to try moderation/no verification for a bit.  Lemme know what you think.  


  1. I'm trying the no verification on Blogger. I get about 5 spam comments a day, but so far Blogger has caught them and I haven't had to.

    LOVE the pictures.

    I have very mixed feelings about Facebook. Here's what that means: I accept all friend requests but almost never post anything on Facebook or spend any time there.

  2. Haha. I have a million more friends suggestions for you when you are emotionally ready to handle them. (Or when fb will let me send more.)

    1. Um, give me a couple days. Is it rude to sort people - do they know they're being sorted? So much to learn!

  3. Oh Oh Oh... how is that chewie tube attached to your cutie's shirt??? Please share :) I haven't found a good way!

    1. I tried to send you an email from your 'about' page, but just in case:

      It's on a little clip w/a retractable string, like for an ID badge. The one she has on is from school but also saw this place, though haven't bought one yet:

      I don't keep it on her when she's sleeping though... string/necks/my paranoia.

  4. Aw, you caved! So that leaves me the one holdout in the DS community, eh? And why do I continue to resist?? You said it well... time suck. And I am already way in the red with time as it is now.

    I do play words with friends on my phone... that's worth something.

  5. Alison/RK - As soon as I get my new smartphone (which very well may come before brakes now) I'm going to make you play WWF with me. Work may have allowed us FB but I discovered to my horror yesterday they still block the apps. Apparently they still expect me to WORK or something. I may be a wee bit obsessed.

  6. WWF!!!! yeah! How the heck do they block the apps? Hmmmm.... I am newly on facebook- I actually find it complements the blog thing since sometimes all I have to do is press the like button- so easy! I'll send you my IRL. I kiss you (and your little gals cheeks:) for the word veri relief (you too Alison!). I have been whining for weeks and now have PTSD!
    Is that a violin?
    Wordpress catches all spam- I've never had one but I'm probably not as spammable as you all....