Sunday, November 4, 2012

(25/31) The Thirty-First

I'm afraid I fell off the blogging boat a bit.  This is weak, but here's my pitch:  Though my daughter might not get there "on time", she will eventually and we will celebrate all accomplishments free of schedules & calendars.  Which is why I have not abandoned my 31 for 21 quest.

Trekking on. 

Ha!  Or I could pretend I'm just easing into the NoBloNo-thing which also involves daily writing but I'm not, I'm just busy and tired.  I think there's also a daily thankful blogging theme this month but one project at a time.  I'm in a bit of a mood (if you can't tell) and I'm thankful for running water and our health and our jobs seems forced.

Thankful for family & cousins.
I had a hard time getting excited about Halloween this year.  The Boy wanted to be a ghost for at least a month, until he ended up in a box store with Matt and was swayed by the cheap Thor costume.  He was still adorable, naturally, but he was out the door with his cousins before I got any photos.  This is from my MIL.

Thor, and his super-hero cousins.
I was also cheap and repurposed The Girl's birthday tutu, adding wings, and some really awesome antennae.  She understood it this year, stuck out her basket and signed "Thank you" for the candy but she's had some tummy trouble lately and didn't last too long.


I don't have too much else right now.  This is just me easing back into the blogosphere.


  1. Welcome back and I was going to drop of the blogosphere and then November came and my bad attitude needed adjustment and I needed to revisit my gratitude. Oh and also, Miss Z has been sicker then all get out. the last week horrible and the 2 weeks previous, ridiculous. Lots of other people puking and coughing here. Including myself. So that is my schpeel.

    I love a child in Halloween meltdown. Seems like t is a must. Kinda like crying on Santa's lap.

  2. Awww sweet girl. . . that last photo is too much.