Thursday, November 8, 2012

(28/31) - It takes 4 to lift.

Following yesterday's post, I am very pleased to announce that my daughter's day care did not request we retrieve her early.  I believe we can call this the beginning of the Thankful posts, because that was a HUGE relief.  
Not unrelated:  You know you're a mommy blogger when 17 people across the country know what's going on with your kid's diaper. 

I'm going to try going to bed at a decent hour for once so here are a couple of previously unpublished, very, very blurry pictures taken in bad light.  I know you'll love them as much as I do.
Ms. RK invited us to this cheer slash tumbling open house event last month.  Her daughters are both involved and I'll admit I'm tempted.  The kids loved running around on the equipment.  The benefits of community, balance, strength, etcetera, etcetera aside, there are also some very cute outfits involved. 
In addition to the instructor, a bunch of teenagers show up, unpaid and on their own time, to assist during class.  I have an innate fear of cheerleader types, no doubt due to some suppressed junior high trauma, but these kids make my stony, cynical heart flutter. 

Plus, how cool is this?  
The lift, obviously, not the giant crayon she wouldn't let go of.  

Definitely tempting.


  1. "Tempting" is a start. :o) How I would love it if Miss G were on the squad!! I admit it's alot to do, but B just SO loves it. And Saturday, as they performed for a massive crowd, including hundreds of very talented cheerleaders, I actually got choked up watching my girl smile and wave as the crowd totally erupted at each stunt our team did. Such spirit and excitement. It's a little addicting. (And they welcome you to come and try a "real" practice anytime. no charge... fyi. :o)

  2. Those are excellent pictures! We've been tempted, but we've never gone to a gymnastics class like that, which would tempt us even more.

    I'm very glad you're not repeating the six weeks of GI distress.

    Oh, and welcome back home!