Sunday, February 10, 2013

On a lighter note

I convinced Matt to watch Downton Abbey with me but had to sign up for Netflix to get the first season.  First month is free but I was thinking we could squeeze the subsequent $8/month out of our budget.  I was crushed to learn, however, that Netflix doesn't carry Justified, any of the Harry Potter movies, or any Oscar contender since 2005 (when The Boy arrived and squished our high flying movie going ways).  They do seem to have a lot of the classics so....  old school movie recommendations?  I've seen everything Humphrey Bogart has ever been in, but my cinematic education dropped precipitously off thereafter.

Assuming y'all come up with some great ideas, I'll try to max out my one free month but... this might have been a terrible idea and I should probably cancel it immediately - Matt & I watched the first two episodes last night and he wants to know why we don't have live in staff and is demanding tea.  He seems to be identifying with the Crawleys and I don't want to have to deal with the fallout when it dawns on him that we're the support staff, and it's too late to woo the lovely Lady Sybil.


  1. Amazon Prime includes a lot of streaming stuff too. And then you can order quick delivery of all kinds of stuff. It's great for hermits like me.

    Then you start buying the not-free streaming stuff...just an episode here and a movie's a slippery slope.

  2. I love my Netflix subscription -- both the streaming stuff and the movies (2 a month) -- I just finished watching the whole "House of Cards" series, which was great.

  3. North by Northwest. It is a Hitchcock movie. I about died laughing during some of the dialogue.

  4. Well timed post from Mental Floss:

    Though I thought Lost in Translation was awful. Things to Do in Denver when you're Dead was, however, AWESOME. Andy Garcia is dreamy.

  5. Elizabeth's note reminded me of one of her older posts with a fabulous list of must sees:

    When I think I'm going to watch all these is beyond me, but a girl can dream!