Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HUGs (HUnting the Good stuff)

These are the things that have made me laugh this last week or so:

No connection to my last post, this is The Boy, playing with Siri.  Poop happens.

The Boy, determined to contribute his fair share to the mortgage.  I told him I didn't think too many people would need their bikes washed in 30 degree temperatures, but he was not to be dissuaded.  I brought him hot cocoa because I felt bad he wasn't getting any business.

This dog.  Although he is most assuredly NOT a lap dog and was squishing me first thing in the morning before I even had any coffee.  Oh, the humanity! 

These pictures, from a cousin's birthday party.  

This boy.

These shoes.  Which my dad bought me when I was 17 and heading off to Germany.  I'm pretty sure they had matching shoelaces back then.  I think he thought I was going to be trudging thru the Alps, Heidi-like.  I ended up in suburban Hamburg.  That is my fancy office carpet and, yes, I did wear them to work but only into the building because we were mid-snow storm.  Then I changed.  I may be reconsidering the heels, but I'm pretty sure these violate dress code.

Tickle fights.  

The girls, um, bathing.  I think.  
Or the potty training is going better than we thought. 

Also:  Yesterday Matt was dropping The Girl off at day care when she puked all over him, in the middle of the hall, in front of the principal.  She'd gagged slightly, earlier in the morning, but Matt poo-poo'd it and I left for work.  I consider this a HUGE mom win as that could easily have been me and, well, that doesn't need any more explanation, does it?  It wasn't me.  She's fine, though I stayed home with her today (burning my second to last vacation day- oy!), but today she's all snuggles and no vomit.  

Last:  All your hugs and kind words this week, virtual & otherwise.  


  1. Hey, I'm actually in my reader! You know Sally Fields wore flats/sneakers under her awards ball gown!
    Love the photos girl.... hugs.

  2. I LOVE all the pics. . . the toilet one especially :-P

    Definitely a huge mom win for sure. The dads never get puked on. A win!