Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Way to Teach Your Children New Vocabulary

Update:  Gigi moved out of ICU yesterday, and into a “regular” room. Her MD also recommended even more PT so we’re now in pure recovery mode.

~  It finally happened.  I drove halfway to work this morning before realizing I didn’t have any shoes.  I usually drive barefoot so the fact that this hasn’t happened before is a testament to the mountain of shoes I keep in the back seat except I cleaned out the car this weekend my competence and organizational abilities.

~  Both kids were tired on Sunday and I shuffled them off to bed early with nary a protest.  I was nearly delirious with the freedom a 7:30 bedtime brings when The Boy suddenly reminded me he was student of the week and we had to fill out a bunch of 3x5 survey cards and find recent pictures of the family/his pets/himself.  Efffff…  Except that’s not actually what I said.  The Boy was highly amused.

~  I also recently nearly hanged myself on a car door:  I had The Girl with one hand, got her backpack with the other and was trying to elbow the door shut when she tried to bolt across an active parking lot.  I lunged after her but had shut the door on my scarf and got stopped like a bad dog on a leash… tragedy was only averted through a surprisingly sturdy inch of the fuzzy stuff on the edge of her hood.

~  The Boy was horrifically, negligently overdue for a dentist appointment.  I called to schedule it and made a crack getting in before Social Services showed up.  The lady was not amused, “Mmm-hmmm.”  I take my childrens’ dental health seriously.  I do.  But please see above – I’m lucky if I show up to work with shoes.


  1. I learned as a kid that you never ever ever drive barefoot because what if you get in an accident and have to walk on broken glass?
    Phone-answerers at medical offices are never amused. but really, I'm sure you're doing better than the vast majority - we've had a dental hygienist visit classrooms inpreschool and Kindergarten and I'm sure part of it is to just drop the hint to parents who haven't yet bothered.

  2. When Maybelle starts repeating the words she hears me say--well, unfortunately, it's going to be hilarious at first. I'm going to laugh, which is just going to encourage her to say "fuck" more. So then we'll have to have a series of serious conversations about context. It's okay to say "fuck" around Mama, but it's really NOT okay around Grammy and Big Dad, or around your teachers.