Sunday, February 23, 2014


  • I miss writing.  I've stumbled on seven or eight articles and posts lately on the joys of writing, how to write, how not to write, how to avoid writing… I think the universe is sending me a message.  It's nice that the message isn't catastrophe and mayhem for once.  

  • The last few weekends have been chock full of various fun outings - cousin's birthdays, playgroups, & boy scouts.  Makes me feel like we're doing more than just dragging the kids along behind as we lurch from disaster to disaster.  There's a slim chance I might be exaggerating the level of chaos around here but it seemed rather grim there for a bit.

  • The polar vortex finally broke, mere seconds before it broke us, and we went outside.  The fresh air and seeing the kids enjoy the fresh air was downright life affirming, even if the pictures are blurry.  

  • I have amended my position on the boy scouts:  I resisted for years because I considered them a homophobic para-military organization, recruiting hordes of child soldiers minions with outdoor survival skills, but The Boy's BFF is involved and BFF's mom is a den mother and we need more low cost activities so I caved.  En route to our first event I gave The Boy the same speech I've given him about the Church which runs the school he attends, the gist of which is that they do some good stuff but they are wrong, really really wrong, about others, and every person should be able to marry anyone they want.  And it's not about religion but fear of the unknown and of difference.  I've been watching closely but there have been no overt attempts at brain washing and meanwhile we've built catapults, Pine Wood Derby cars, seen science demonstrations, and the boy is going bowling today.  (Maybe this is how the lure you in & the propaganda starts next year?)

  • The girl deleted Proloquo2go off her iPad at school.  The teacher was very apologetic but NBD, I had backed up the extensive modifications we'd made, right?  BWAHAhahahawhimper.  I'd thought about it.  In that way that I think we'll eventually get around to refinishing the wood floors, but Apple has not yet figured out how to read intent so I'm going to spend my afternoon reprogramming the damn thing.  And backing up. 

  • This is old news but have you seen this Micos***t commercial from the Superbowl?  This deserves a separate post but I am very, very slowly coming to terms with the fact that my little girl is not going to be a talker.  As in not talk.  That Proloquo exists to be deleted off her easily-carried iPad, that it may allow her to move thru the world even without verbal skills, floors me.  I don't give a flying fuck if it's inspiration porn or an overtly cheesy attempt to shill for some corporate behemoth, I get teary. Every time.  Same way I get teary when I think about the millimeter sized piece of GoreTex they used to fix my girl's heart.  Some things are just GOOD, y'know? 


  1. Yeah, I admit I love that commercial. Maybe I'm easy, but it gets me every time. Lovely pics!

  2. First, love all the pictures. Blurry or not. Second, please write. If I could start again, you can continue doing your thing. Thirdly, that commercial was amazing. And I know for certain I am not doing all I can for Zoey. And I feel terribly guilty about that. Like I need more guilt. Lastly, when are you coming back?? Soon I hope. (I had to post under my old blog. For some reason, some blogs don't have a option of URL/ name. Wordpress is an option but I am technically not Wordpress. Elizabeth's blog allows me to. But yours, for some reason, does not. In your spare time, could you look into that please

  3. Off to watch the commercial. Now for Proloquo. . . it is expensive. Were you able to get it paid for? Or did you have to flip the bill? Chunky Love is not a talker either and it is clear that she will not get by with signs. Glad that you got a little bit of a reprieve from the polar vortex :)

  4. Huzzah and three cheers for GoreTex!! And proloquo! And all the pictures! Yay!