Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mental Health Day

Yesterday I thought about taking today off but then remembered the three reports I have to finish by yesterday and decided against.  But by mid-morning today I felt like I'd had 2 pots of coffee and, while I don't technically have a history of anxiety, I was pretty sure that's what a panic attack feels like.

Did I buckle down and crank thru my work?  Ha!  No. 

Did I take compromise with a half day, go home, and efficiently fold laundry while watching old West Wing episodes?  No, I did not.  

I abruptly left and went to the very first movie starting, which turned out to be Noah.  Nothing like the annihilation of all living things to really put things in perspective, eh?  It was fine.  As infrequently as I get out, it was glorious.  I was in a dark theatre with a large medium sized bag of popcorn (old age is a bitch) and there were no talking animals or cartoons on the screen.  (No offense Kermit, you know I love you).

Oh, wait.  Except there were large stone monsters.  Er, "watchers".  I skipped Sunday school but later checked with Matt who assured me there were no rock Transformers in the Old Testament.  That's ok, what's a little creative license with the most quoted written work in Western civilization?  

It also got a little heavy at the end, what with all the genocide - and then he nearly killed the babies too (WTF?) but I was Alone!  For two hours! With popcorn!  I was happy.  (That sounds pretty bad, doesn't it?) 

I was also happy because I don't get good FB material that often, what with all the report writing & laundry hereabouts: 

I went home four hours further behind at work, a small car payment poorer, and the laundry still isn't done but I feel fabulous.  I can totally rock this working mom thing!  Sometimes, apparently, by not working.  


  1. Gah! Mental Health Days are the BEST!!!! My last one involved a long ass run in the middle of the afternoon (as opposed to dark o'thirty in the morning, or attempting to outrun the last shafts of daylight before night fall). Glad you had a great day!

  2. Your last line is the best line ever....("I can totally rock this working mom thing.....") I want to steal it as my mantra (as I sit here commenting on your blog when I should have my a$$ in chair at work right this minute).