Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hippos, Lilies, & Corks, oh my!

I woke up early this morning to finish one of my NDSC conference posts, then made the critical error of checking Facebook. Facebook is where blogging goes to die.  

So although the NDSC post is languishing, I'll gift you with what otherwise would have gone on FB:

Did you ever have one of those mornings where you manage to bathe, feed & clothe both the kids AND yourself so efficiently you're actually going to be (*gasp!*) early... only to have one of your precious progeny knock a huge, whole watermelon off the counter and onto the floor where it cracks open & sprays EVERYWHERE?  No? Just me?  Ok, carry on then. 

In other news, The Girl's horse camp is a huge hit.  On her first ride they reported she was frantically signing "all done" but they told her they'd go around the ring three times.  By the third loop, she was signing "more" and gets a big grin on her face every time I ask about it. 

The hours are HORRIBLE - It ends at 3 and there's no after care, requiring intense schedule juggling and abuse of employers' flex time policies - But there's a fairy pond with massive lilies and Matt arrived the other day to find all the kids swimming in the horse trough. I love a place that encourages my kids to get dirty and, OH, is she ever dirty.  I nearly didn't take her into the store with me Monday, certain someone would accuse me of gross neglect.  

And just in case that wasn't enough, they sent home horsey crafts made of wine corks.  Wine corks!  These are obviously my people.
A portion of my kidney sale is funding a scrapbook with pictures of The Girl actually on the promised horses, to be posted soon.  To tide you over, however, she will demonstrate the process:
Yes, Sonic went to camp too.  The camp counselors were thrilled, I'm sure. 

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