Saturday, April 9, 2011

Notes from a weekend

My girl refuses to nap at daycare so on half the days I pick her up she falls asleep in the car on the way home.  I always feel a little guilty not waking her up for dinner but if I can get her unbuckled, inside, through the herd of welcoming beasts, changed, and she's still asleep, then - um, yeah - let the poor girl rest. 

Friday her head bobbed in the car but she stayed awake long enough to reach the dinner table - where she promptly put her head down on the table in the middle her food.  Bedtime!  Which left me & her brother to roam the travesty that is our back lawn (we have THREE dogs) in the setting sun and to plan a movie night.  Good times.  Getting changed he said, "I'm going to put on my Mario pajamas for special nights like movie nights but if they aren't clean then I'll just wear my Christmas pajamas 'cause Christmas pajamas are special too".  

His $9.99 Mario PJs from Target, bought after we were stranded in LA, are his prized possession of the moment.  Deprived child, much?  His comment also appears to have referenced the state of our laundry pile but I'm pretending I didn't catch that. 

I wish I had a voice recorder - how odd would it be to tape a mic to your kid?  I want to do a better job of remembering his funny little comments.  I suppose that's what this space is for. 

Right now he's playing Club Penguin next to me singing "Spring is here, spring IS hheeeerrreee", while we wait for his sister to finish napping.  Earlier he asked if plants need rocks (see above re:  the travesty that is our back yard).  I said no, they need dirt, water, & sun.  "And love?"  (which he is still asking, albeit sadly less often). Yes buddy, and love.  Adore that kid. 

Turns out I did have a few extra vacation shots after all.  These are the last ones - promise!

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  1. We can never see too many photos of cuties like this! That is precious time one on one with them isn't it when you have two? It's very hard to move form a nap a day to none. Even now Kayli, given the right car ride will fall asleep during her old morning nap time window.