Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's a Wascally Wainy Day.

Educational Plan Is
Not my girl, Defined

IEP, letters
Three. Words of Dread?  Yes Indeed.
Eff Bureaucracy. 

I. Am more than words.
Extraordinary Me! 
Paper pushers, y'all. 

I'm assuming y'all is one syllable? 

I do believe this is textbook avoidance behavior.  Obviously, the IEP was today.  More later - maybe.  No surprises, no drama, just ill defined, poorly understood feelings of blech


In other news:
Matt took my camera to work to document tornado damage and failed to return it, so am waiting on the kindness of family for Easter photos.  Worst case scenario, I'll do some laundry and Recreate the Day, not that I would ever confess to stooping so low.  Surely there's a joke in there somewhere about Easter Outfits  rising anew?  I am surely going to hell. 

On a bright note, my car radio did rise again and is working just fine [I am SUCH a heathen], despite the bottle of water I dumped on it, so that's one less bit if broken electronics.  To compensate, my little jug of milk for coffee at work exploded in the car this morning so now my fellow commuters can also enjoy my functioning radio because I have the windows down so I don't gag on the lovely eau de rank cow.

Aren't I charming tonight?  Just so you know it's not all hell & brimstone over here, my son & I read Amelia Bedelia together tonight - When Amelia made lemon pie for the Rogers, he added that Gigi makes really good lemon pie too and he would like some more and when are we going to see her again?  Adorable.

Then he pointed at the fox stole on Mrs. Rogers and asked what it was.  Ummmm....  I really don't want to ruin the book for him because he associates it with lemon pies and Gigi, and he is doing a spectacular job reading it himself, so "That is a Dead Fox She is Wearing Around Her Neck"  didn't seem appropriate.  Telling him it was a Pet Fox seemed disingenuous (and he'd probably want to know why it didn't have a bigger role in the story).  I went with Pretend Fox.  Best I could do on the fly.

And last, in a sign I need more sleep - my boy periodically has to gather objects for "letter bags" at school.  For the A bag, you toss in an Apple, Alligator, Altoid tin - you get the idea.  He had fun doing this in preschool but he's reading Amelia Bedelia now, so I think the moment may have passed, but whatever, the school year is almost over.  This morning we did 'W'.  [Normally I wouldn't help him with this but it was one of Those Mornings and I forgot to have him do it last night].  So I'm pointing out the Watermelon (plastic picnic piece), Windmill (Geotrax), Whale, Wacecar....


  1. Thanks for comments today on my blog -- so interesting and your "rant" was well-deserved. I look forward to reading your blog! Your son sounds adorable --

  2. We *love* Amelia B. Ben hasn't asked about the fox yet. I should start crafting a cover story. And I'm delighted that you spelled "y'all" correctly -- even friends from the south insist on writing "ya'll," and what they're contracting I can't imagine.

    IEP haiku
    Is a juxtaposition
    I hadn't thought of.