Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I don't think I've missed a whole week blogging in a while now.  I had something funny planned about being buried underneath the laundry pile and unable to call for help, but then Sunday rolled around and that suddenly seemed trite. 

Then I wrote a long overwrought post about the last 10 years and righteous albeit imperfectly executed wars and certain people rotting in hell but I didn't post because I just don't feel it was my story.  Matt & I both know people variously impacted but neither of us lost anyone directly on either 9/11 or in the two wars since so although a citizen of this country, entitled to my opinion, freedom of speech, blah, blah - we've been relatively insulated.  And when I say "overwrought" it was eye rollingly cringe worthy. 

But since I do excel at self-mocking, I will share that on the morning of Matt woke me up to watch the news and I remember my first reaction was to think they were making something out of nothing, assuming it was a little Cessna, lost in the fog, or maybe with a mechanical problem.  Man - when I am wrong, I am really really wrong.

My brother came to visit this weekend and we ran a 5k on Saturday and then accidentally ran 8-9 miles on Sunday.  Because I cannot read a map and have NO sense of distance.  No, I have not yet recovered.  I still don't have Easter photos.  We haven't received my girl's IEP yet and she apparently has croup.  My son announced he was going to have kids in 10 years... when he's 16.  We took the little dog into an abusive colorblind groomer.  All good stuff.  Huh.  Seems like a good night for Jon Stewart & a glass of wine. 
Royal Tannenbaums?
Girl on a Mission

Seriously Undignified.  And not even matching.

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