Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fast Hatter

These are from my brother & fellow racer's visit a couple weekends ago, taken on his phone.  If I were more organized, I would have written a brilliant comprehensive study on the remnants of imperialism as manifest in women's fashion, as witnessed in the hats at the recent royal wedding and the Kentucky Derby.  And I would have worked in a footnote about the anachronistic wedding veil, since my sister's wedding is in 5 days.  Um, yeah...  Instead I'll simply point out that my girl likes hats (just like her mom).   Though I will refer aficionados of the quirky to Slate, while MSN posted a gazillion shots of toppers I'd actually wear, given a bigger budget... and actual tickets to the race.  Um, yeah

Brimming with options
Whither our heads? Shade? Accent?
Loud horsed-assery.


  1. Pink, rapturous smile.
    A Giants cap? Passing strange.
    Her cups runneth o'er.

  2. so cute. I meant to comment on your last post too - hang in there, sometimes seeing it on paper makes it all so much harder.

  3. A haiku'd comment!
    That's escalating the game.
    Best polish my skills.

  4. And J - yes, thank you. I THINK I'm ok - long tortuous route to get there & may only last the summar, but nonetheless OK. For now. Huh....