Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's like Crack, but with an extra letter

Or:  We're all entitled to One Vice
Little Bean.  Gift from
God.  Such joy, when smashed and boiled.
Without, I slow (yawn)
The innocuous looking coffee berry
I have got to get more sleep.  This is ridiculous.

Edited to add:  My sister sent me an email challenging "boiled"'s syllable count and its importance in the coffee making process.  A former barista, she says the water should actually "rest a minute" before use.  Let us all defer to her great wisdom.  Except she was wrong about the syllables. 
     Little Bean, Gift from
     God.  Such joy when roasted, smashed.
     Without, I slow (yawn) 


  1. Whaddaya mean, vice? [slurp] It's not like I'm [slurp] addicted or anything. I can stop anytime. Me, hyped up?!? [slurp, pace nervously, slurp] Ridiculous. I always talk this fast.

  2. When blogger went down I lost my edit and Julia's funny comment... trying again!