Friday, May 6, 2011

Photos from Vaguely Recalled Prior Holiday

Can't quite put my finger on when these were taken but a kind relative just forwarded them.

Do you see the pout?  We were at my MIL's house and there were Other People about.
Someone doesn't like Other People (I wonder where she got that from?).
That's my girl!*  Shattering the Happy Child stereotype holiday by holiday.
*THE husband pointed out that I have used a shocking number of exclamation points lately.  What is it about blogging that encourages ALL CAPS and italics?  Back in the day I mocked punctuation-ally dependent emphasis. 


  1. You abuse cross-outs too... Love ya!

  2. Jeez - Everyone the critic!!!!!!!
    (so there)
    Kisses, sis.