Thursday, May 5, 2011

Network News

I've been at a conference all week.  Home town, so no traveling, but still it was something New! and Different!  Though I'll be cursing the day I begged to go when I get into the office tomorrow.  I wonder what our voice mail system's maximum capacity is? 

Lots of good information but one of the written goals of the event was to Network.  Anyone want to take a flier on how I felt about that?  Gah.  You'd think at my ripe old age I could get over myself already.  And not unrelated, the BEST class covered interviewing techniques.  Which was all about reading people and not a lick about asking the right questions.  Since "reading" people requires actually, um, interacting with them I was riveted.  Socializing 101.  Granted, Socializing 101 covered only conversations with lying cheating crooks but information is information.   Far be it from me to complain! (*chortle*)

Two non-work related funny things I got out of that class:

80% of right handed people wear their watch on their left hand.  Continuing the trend of always being in the ever-loving-G*d-effin' MINORITY, I wear mine on the right.  Is there no end to the merriment?

There was also much discussion as to linguistics and grammar - which I also adore.  One of the examples involved a dad running thru the events of the day.  "My kids got up, we had breakfast, I took my kids to the park, I fed my kids lunch... then I put the kids to bed".   Who hasn't felt like that at the end of the day?  Heck, how often have I SAID that?  Even mid-day?  "Matt, please take your son with you when you go to the store."  Funny stuff.

I'm fighting the temptation to check all past posts to see how I referred to the hubby my husband ye ol' ball and chain Matt. 


  1. I too adore linguistics and grammar -- but I gotta admit, I first misread that as "lingerie and grammar". I guess I'm getting old, but linguistics is (are?) more appealing. Involves a lot less cellulite, anyway.

  2. A lingerie and grammar conference would have been WAY more fun. Though perhaps more for Matt? Sexy librarians! Hot English teachers! Though I think my invitation to said conference would have been rescinded a decade or two ago.