Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to the 21st Century

Remember how I wrote I was a techno-phobe?  Well, brother told me my BATSH*T CRAZY PLAN was simply not going to work sans music.  I hemed & hawed but perked up when I realized Shuffles are only $50.  This is what happens when you wait 10 years to adopt new technology - the price comes down.  Genius!  I was about to bite when I mentioned The Plan to a co-worker (the more people I tell, the less likely I am to quietly slink off course.  I might be carried off on a stretcher in a blaze of bursted knee tendons, but there will be less humiliation if I get a note from my MD.  Behold the magic of peer pressure.) ...when said co-worker offered me an old Nano of his for $20.  Sold! 

[Pretend there's a picture of my new toy here....
I hurt too much to go upstairs to get the camera. 
Advil does NOT cure all]

First thought - See?  It pays to talk to people.  Will have to remember that.

Second - I just checked and this appears to be a first or second generation Nano but still, ohmygoodness, it is a thing of brilliance.  What was I waiting for?  Just because the masses are raving about something does not inherently make it wrong.  Will have to remember that too.  Note:  This does not apply to Twilight. 

Third - I've ignored all the fuss about Apple killing the music industry but I get it now.  Post college/pre-kids I bought a bunch of cds because I liked the one track that was getting airtime, only to find the other 9 songs were meh.  Not to say there weren't hidden gems and I have my favorite groups who put out nothing but winners but if given a choice, I'm going to buy the one song for $.99 $1.29.  If I were less bitter about the dozens of one hit wonders I previously bought, and if I had a bigger budget & more memory, I might be wont to explore, but not so much right now. 

Yes, this is a tacit condemnation of those artists whining because I don't want to buy their other 9 meh songs, but I also just bought an ipod-thingy, so they can comfortably ignore my opinion as there's a slight chance I may be slightly out of touch with the issues.  [Except I'm the consumer & already voted with my Visa].

Fourth - I have zero recall for names and titles.  I had to google lyrics to figure out who was what - FAMOUS lyrics.  My brother vetted my play list and I could hear him rolling his eyes at me over the phone when I told him who I had to look up.  Despite my New! Nano!  I am still hopeless uncool. 

He did laugh though when I listed my top songs:
     I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
     Stayin' Alive - BeeGees
     Fighter - Christina Aguilera
     Uprising - Muse

Anyone sensing a theme?  Other survival themed suggestions eagerly welcomed.  If I get desperate I might buy the Rocky theme song.  Or maybe Chariots of Fire?  I also need more hip hop, because the soulful rock ballads aren't cutting it 20 minutes in - but my brother was otherwise dead on about the music helping distract from The Pain.  On a bright note I ran 5 miles on Sunday and did not die.  So there's hope.  [Actually it was 4.8 but there were Hills].  Rumor has it I only have to get to 10 and then race day adrenaline will carry me the remaining 3 miles.  I have 6ish weeks left so in theory I can add a mile/week and it'll all be hunky-dory fun.  Riiiggghhhhhtttt.

Miscellaneous notes:  My brother ran his first half marathon this past weekend.  He called me after, giddy from his runner's high and his under 10 minute miles ("I felt great and thought about running the whole marathon but [his wife] was waiting"  - Ass).  He called me the next day, having crashed and hurting, but am still sending him a big public CONGRATULATIONS.  I've warned him my goal is to stay upright, not break the 9 minute mile, but if anyone is going to goad me over that finish line, it's him.

Also, after running one night my son came over to give me a hug.  I warned him I was sweaty & stinky but he gave me a hug anyway and said I wasn't that stinky (....wait for it...) because you didn't run that far.   Bedtime for you, kid!


  1. I'm not saying anything about anything, but I've heard that some people borrow CDs from the library. And then copy the song(s) they want to itunes. Such people might even use interlibrary loan to get CDs their library doesn't own.

    It's probably sketchy, copyrightwise, but if a person bought this stuff on cassette (or even LP) back in the 1980s, there should be an exception.

    uh, yeah. anyway. stuff on my running playlist includes: All Star by Smash Mouth. Hey Ya by Outkast. Cake! They cover I will Survive, which is awesome, as is Nugget. Embarassing 80s stuff, like Billy Idol and Tina Turner and Cyndi Lauper. Lots of stuff from Glee. Further embarassing 80s stuff like Tone Loc and Young MC and Lita Ford. Oh, and Float On by Modest Mouse.

    none of that actually gets me running but it's fun to listen to.

  2. I got my first (only) iPod last year & share in your wonder! My favorites rare similarly lame. Oh well, *I* like them!

  3. Ack! My favorite super hip/trendy alternative station just switched formats to "Gen X" so now I hear either Wild Thing or Funky Cold Medina DAILY. High school flashbacks. But my brother gave me a M.Mouse cd (his ongoing effort to keep me current) which I loved.

  4. I'm not usually super-hip myself...seeing how I just got a cell phone for the first time in many years and I still haven't really figured out how to program names/numbers into it and they have to be interpreted (ie, SH3Ll88 is really Shellie because I can't type on the darn key pad and I have no idea how to go back and fix things.)

    Anywho, I did just discover a hip song (or at least it was new and hip to me) that is perfect for running-- "Can't Be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus that fits your survival/fighter song playlist--it pushed me through a 5K on Saturday!