Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Girl

Your 3rd birthday was actually a week or so ago but we celebrated on Saturday.  I wanted this to be the Post to end all Posts but mere words cannot convey how very very lucky we are that you have graced us with your presence.  You have enlightened and blessed us all.  Happy Birthday Sweet One.

Now let's get this party started!
Where's the cake?
They promised me cake!

Fine.  If I can't have any cake yet,
I'll just sit in the hallway alone, eating crackers.
It's my party and I'll snack if I want to.

Who do you think you're talking to here?
Oh, you mean this guy?  He's ok, I guess.

...And then the balloon went *BOOM*!

It's not a party till we break out the cowboy hats.

Books are the Best Presents Ever.

...And then the bunny went *HOP*!

Finally!  Goodness, people, bring on the cake already!

NOW it's a party!

As Donkey says, a party ain't a party till somebody cries.

Ed:  Photo credit for #7 & 8 to my SIL.


  1. Oh my, a kid can't get any cuter than that. The last picture almost made me tear up in sympathy. Oh, and we have the Exact Same Rug in our living room, I swear. Give the Birthday Girl a belated birthday hug for me.

  2. Happy birthday, adorable girl! Looks like a great party.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! What a rockin' party!

  4. kate your gonna have to help me set up a blog, I started and stopped:)