Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Seasonally Inappropriate Non Sequitor

Both my sister & my mom have lodged formal complaints to the blogger-in-chief so in an effort to mollify the family – yes, am still here.  No, nothing tragic has happened.  Yes, we will return to regularly scheduled programming shortly.  I’ve been working crazy long hours lately on top of long runs, a sniffly child, helping with homework (in first grade!?!), etcetera… But no one wants to hear my excuses. 

Introducing Operation Interlude:
Pumpkin baby pie
Whither the chubbiness? Now
He’s all ribs. Beanstalk!
Random, previously unpublished baby picture, taken 74 months ago (Probably taken by Auntie M).  Nowadays he has math homework.  Now how the ____ did that happen? 


  1. I swear, I was just thinking I needed to email you. Glad you're back!