Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My baby rode the shortbus

Both kids started school today.  A fact I have not processed and may not because
     ~I'm emotionally dead inside
     ~Denial, it's not just a river
     ~There is a tsunami of guilt and fear and pride and love all swirling around in a bubbling cauldron and if I tap on the dam it might just break and then there would not be enough chocolate or red wine or kleenex in the state to stem the flood.  Or fix my metaphors.

More later, but one of my girl's teachers took pictures.  I asked her permission to post but didn't hear back - am assuming it's ok since, you know, she's my child but please note photo credit belongs to Mrs C... because I wasn't there (massive heaving sobs).  Matt was, and met the bus driver and aide, and trailed them most of the way to school - to verify what, exactly, I'm not sure, that the driver wasn't pulling over for a quick cig? - but I told him too.  I can't believe I wasn't there.  I can't believe we have use the bus.  I also can't believe I am mother to a first grader.  I can't believe we didn't get pictures of that.  Not a great parenting day. 


  1. My family won't leave comments here, but will occasionally email me about a post. This is what Gigi sent me this morning:

    Relax, from your pictures, I saw nothing but loving arms reaching out to help Grace. She looks happy & adorable, they will love her. GiGi

    It makes me a little weepy.

  2. happy first day of school!
    i'm with you on the tears. it's an emotional time of year.
    but i'm with gigi. your daughter looks very happy.

  3. She is so precious! I am sure that was a hard day for you.

  4. Congrats on getting through it... I look forward to hearing how Miss Grace rocks the preschool world.

  5. Hurray for your daughter! I agree that she looks happy and well cared for. What a big shift in your family's life!

    Remember that they say the transitions are generally harder on the parents than on the kids.

    And my personal experience has been that school is GREAT for Maybelle. Like, great great great. I am confident your daughter is going to just love it! And you're going to start feeling a lot better, too.