Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cousin's Birthday, Party Dress, and Absolutely Never

Pretty velvet dress,
pink satin buttons. Dancing
in the driveway.  Love.

Running from mommy.
Not so fast!  Scraped knees follow.  
Learning to let go.

Belying the myth.
No worries, hugs & kisses 
next (after photo!). 

Cousin's new go-kart
NEVER. No helmut's enough. 
 No!  *sigh*  ok, ONCE.
[We have a new fancy computer without any photo tweaking programs on it, so no fancy drawn-in arrows, but his cousin's new go-kart is parked on the sidewalk in the background.  He was SO excited I let him ride on it (yes, with a helmut) but they were going Too Fast!  Head trauma!  Broken clavicles!  I'm well past the risk adverse stage and into full fledged muttering/hyperventilating paranoia.  Though I did already warn him he's not getting one.  Best crush those dreams early.]

1 comment:

  1. Skinned knees aside, she's adorable. There's a nice Edwardian quality to that dress that's right up my alley.