Saturday, February 11, 2012

Delays and obfuscations

It looks like my girl's ABR- ear exam- maybe tubes- echo***- adenoidectomy has to be rescheduled.  It was set for the 14th.  Yes, Valentine's Day, I know.  So much for that surprise romantic getaway to Paris - though I was hoping to find lots & lots of chocolate at the nurse's station.  But they didn't leave enough time for the adenoids because they
    A/didn't believe me when I said she had sleep apnea, 
    B/till they got her sleep study results, or 
    C/they forgot.  

On the one hand, I'm pleased because they'd scheduled her at 5:30pm.  5:30!  That's when most people are going home.  I didn't want her ENT or anesthesiologist to be yawning and wondering how pissed off their paramour was because they were missing a romantic dinner.  Or worried that all the florists were going to be closed by the time they were done, so let's hurry up, and... oops!

We don't want any oops-es.  

Of course I trust all her her medical peeps are consummate professionals and can handle a little tube insertion blindfolded but she was also supposed to be NPO after 8am.  Translation:  nil per os.  Nothing by mouth after 8am.  Do these people not have children?  Have YOU ever not fed a 3 year old for 9 1/2 hours?  Heh.  Let's just say that terrified me I didn't think the day was going to be awesome quality bonding time.  

On the other hand this is just more delay -  more days, more weeks where she might not be hearing us, where the little communication highways in her head aren't being built.  Yeesh.  Not that I'm anxious or anything.  

     ***Way, way, wayyyy back at her 3 year check up, otherwise known as The Great Referring, when we set out to get a sleep study, hearing test, new orthotic inserts, AAI X-rays, & to find a good pediatric dentist, I thought she might have to be sedated for a few items as she can, occasionally, like any other 3 year old, resist being prodded and poked.  I thought the initial visits were pro forma and all her peeps would have to reconvene at the hospital on some magical date in which all 27 of them were free.  Happily, the X-rays and DDS visits were easy.  It was only at her cardiology appointment, where she's been a thousand times, that wasn't even on my Things To Do While Sedated radar, that she decided Enough Was Enough.  NO MORE.  Can't say I blame the kid but annual echo cardiograms make mommy sleep better.


Boulder-dash Dailies - 
Friday:  My son, waking up in our bed (of course), before even lifting his head off the pillow says, "You know what I'm MOST excited about today?"  We should all wake up thusly.

Saturday:  My girl is walking around the house in my heels as I write this.  Tragically, I have not bought new camera batteries yet.  She has mastered The Heel.  I didn't till I was well into in my 20s.  Atta girl.  


  1. All I can say is baloney for a late day surgery/test!! Don't they have a childrens policy? I've never seen any procedure done other than first think in the am. Humph- righteous indignation city!
    So, FYI- my daughter is 12 and she needed to be sedated for new tubes and to clean out her ear wax this year- took all of 15 minutes of for them to do.
    I think the adenoids took 20.
    Hugs and best wishes!

    1. Hmmm, yes, well it's actually AT a children's hospital, though this was our first pm slot. Hopefully we'll get lucky with date #2. That or I'm going to have burn a tank of gas driving in circles all day with the radio cranked up.

  2. We went through he last surgery of the day deal......twice. The last right heart cath I not only insisted on being the first in line......I also insisted on the anesthesiologist. Got them both.

    Tammy and Parker

  3. I can't believe they even DO surgeries that late. I thought that was when all the doctors went to the corner bar and drank their cares away. Or at least that's what happens on all the TV shows.

    I hope they find a time to do it soon--waiting stinks.

    1. If only all her doctors LOOK like they do on TV - that might make the waiting easier.