Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have 4-5 things to write about and not one, not two, but THREE photos posts - but am trying to keep these a readable length (Ha! When has that ever happened?) so here's my attempt at short & sweet:

Remember 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-when was it?  Oh yes, NINE months ago when my sister got married?  Well she FINALLY (*cough*  Not that she's not busy or anything.  Did you know she's just one short thesis away from being insufferable an expert on why things fall down during earthquakes?) ...anyway, she finally sent me a cd with some of the professional photographer's shots.  I hadn't taken any cute ones of my girl on the big day & I know y'all have been anxiously biding your time waiting for these.  I KNOW I HAVE.

Side note - because you knew I couldn't not ramble:  Matt & my son had missed their flight that weekend, they couldn't get on another to make it to the wedding on time and so declared it a fun boys' weekend at home, leaving me alone with a grumpy yet active 2 1/2 year old in small hotel room in a strange town.  I was stressed out already about other stuff, emotional about my baby sister getting married, and my adorable charming loving daughter was being a little pill.  Don't get me wrong - I had a great time and wrangled sitters for two evenings, but over the last 9 months I'd mostly forgotten about my tyrannical toddler, the superfluous tears, and the missed pedicure and rafting trip.  Until I was futzing around on the computer, going thru the photos she sent, ....and started snapping at Matt as he was making us dinner. 

Wow...  Congratulations!  I've just won the longest length of time to hold a grudge subconsciously!  Yay, me!

Anyway, this is me, my girl, & some of the family, 9 months (and 10#) ago.  Please ignore the slightly bloodshot eyes.
I'm the one holding the kid.  The only kid.  That was fun! 
In case it is in any way unclear, I'm one of the two matching goofy grins.
Genetics ARE a powerful thing.
This weirdly doesn't look like her but she WAS trying awfully hard to steal the show.
Trying and succeeding.  
Gratuitous shot - one of the few of me I don't want to immediately burn.
I'm not actually that tall - just taller than the rest of 'em.
Not one of my daughter's better photos though.
If only I could fotoshop!
Center of attention.  Every one looks doting but I just look grim.  Nice mom.
But to be fair, she'd just tried to torch the place by toppling the candelabra.
I was wondering if my insurance would cover both Church + Conciliatory Gifts for the Angry Bride.
My brother was on his way up the aisle to sweep her off to the Fun! And Soundproofed!  Toyroom!
But then again, the bride might not have noticed the burning church
(Oh, the metaphoric possibilities!)
She was pretty happy that day.
Congratulations, you two! 


  1. Now what could you possibly pester me about now?! :)

    1. As I said in my email... the other 500 pictures! :) xoxoxoxo.

  2. Followed you over from my friend Elizabeth's blog. not sure why, I think perhaps it was the "8%" thingy, seeing there aren't many of us out here anymore. Nice to find a kindred spirit of sorts. We also have a little chromosomally enhanced little love, sporting that triplicate magic. she will be 5 in less than 2 weeks and came packaged with a bit more than that extra something, something. But we have found our way, or more importantly, she has helped us find our way through her indomitable will to survive.

    You girl is just darling and looks feisty,just the way I like them. anyhow, just wanted to pop over and say hi. always nice to meet another 8%'er!

  3. Love love love the pictures! Particularly because we get some super-clear pictures of YOU, a rarity on this blog. How exciting!

    And I must say that I am now holding a grudge with you. I wasn't even there, but the thought of taking a big trip like this and then having the surprise discovery at the last minute that it's a solo-mom trip--that sounds exhausting. I'm exhausted (and stressed out) just thinking about it.

    1. Yeah... definitely a grudge. Though the time to realize & express it may not have been right as dinner was being served. As I was loafing about on the computer. He is SAINT.