Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 for 21: 17 syllables

October arrives
31 for 21
Again, still, my heart.

It's that time of year again!  And I'm already cheating with a haiku 'cause I'm awesome like that.  I have to warm my typing fingers back up after taking such a long break... Or maybe this will be a month of haikus?  In a weird parallel, I have to summarize sometimes 1000s of pages of medical records in a single paragraph at work so you'd think I'd have learned how to be succinct.  

To share the sheer awesomeness of my life, in addition to posting a picture of my very-much-NOT-always-happy child, these were the best bits of my day:

~ I wore a knee length skirt and HAD shaved my shins in recent memory, but half way thru the day realized I hadn't touched my knees in what appeared to be several decades.  Fuzzy knees - it's the newest thing.  
~ I fell out of my chair at work & was laughing too hard to get up off the floor till people gathered.  I'm pretty sure my coworkers thought I'd been drinking.  
~ Somebody tried to flush their new glasses down the toilet. 
~ Other things that should have been flushed were... not.  
~ The dog is trying to vomit right now.  On the carpet.  I am too tired to care.
~ I think my fancy babied sourdough starter died.  Any parallels between the lump of cold wet flour downstairs and this post or my very glamorous life are purely unintentional.  
~ In keeping with the lump of wet flour theme, I'm going to bed. 

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  1. I am dying over here! You know how to write. I too have done the fuzzy knee thing. Gee, I wonder who tried to flush her glasses? Great pic, btw way :)