Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 for 21: The 24th

It's the 24th today which means my grand 31 for 21 blogging effort is huddled in a corner, shaking, cold, and wet.

But look at my pretty button!

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The Girl's first parent teacher conference is tonight which should give me LOTS to write about, but in the meantime, here are a couple things that never made their way onto Facebook:

~  I was doing errands over the weekend after a particularly awful week at work, and between stops listened to Radiolab's bit about probiotics and stress.  This isn't new news but the swimming rats with "behavioral despair" nicely embodied my week.  Instead of medicinal yogurt, however, I went home and made a huge plate of french fries.  Those worked just fine too.

~  I remain, however, highly concerned about my state of mind.  REALLY WORRIED.  To wit:  I went to the grocery store, picked up various foodstuffs but forgot to buy both wine AND coffee.  What the hell?  This is akin to forgetting to breath.  I resisted the urge to call 911 but clearly need to take action before it's too late.  Neurologist?  Personal yogi?  Personal shopper?  Double order of the medicinal fries?

~  Have I mentioned The Girl has completely mastered the TV upstairs?  Not that I encourage it but she likes to get up at 5am and I'm in no position to argue.  As long as there are no resulting ER visits, whatever happens before mommy is caffeinated is free time.

I put The Girl to bed the other night, went downstairs, then heard the TV upstairs turn back on.  I headed back up but she must have heard the gate open because the TV was off again and she was hiding.  I marched her back to her room but she stopped me at the threshold and shut the door in my face.  Hard.  Who needs verbal skills when you can slam doors?  Gawd, mom, you never let me do anything!  My 5 year old, going on 15.  Awesome.

~  I don't think we need to worry about excessive compliance in this one:

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