Thursday, November 10, 2011

12 Pictures. No Profundity. 3 Jokes, abandoned.

We actually flew into San Diego first to see my sister and her new husband - she's been busy (*cough*!!) writing her thesis and he's in med school, but they nonetheless whipped up a yummy dinner & took us to the Wild Animal Park.  I want to make a crack about how busy they are vs how busy we seem but in truth I'm just really really glad I'm not in school anymore.  I was a terrible student.  Much easier to just tease my little sis' and whine about my long commute in the real world. 

Though their grad student housing does have a playground just outside the door - perfect for early morning PJ swinging.  The up side of not commuting. 

I was lamenting my camera yesterday (or not, depending on how you feel about wrinkles), but for some reason, these were actually in focus.

Awesome napping skills

[Funny joke about cobwebs and facial wrinkles, since I'm apparently feeling vain these days]

The happy couple


So many jokes.  So little time.  
(near the gorilla display)

So, so, SO very wrong.

(sadly, NOT in focus)

Unfamiliar 6 yr old male in an unpleasant mood during heretofore
identified FUN trip to the Wild Animal Park.
Despite or because of massive blue slurpy?
You decide.

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  1. Love the pictures, and here's my random comment: Maybelle has the exact same pants your daughter is wearing in the "hats with snails" picture. I can't wait until these two girls get to meet each other.

    Oh, and a comment I should have left on the previous post: can you make your husband fly with you all the time, given how easy things were with him along?