Monday, November 21, 2011

Date Night!

...sorry about last night, I was grumpy.  My girl had her special DDS visit scheduled for 8am this morning and I'd realized late last night I'd forgotten to call for her prophylactic antibiotic (needed because of her heart surgery) so I was highly annoyed with myself.  The third anniversary of her heart surgery was on Friday, the 18th (which I also was going to write about), so you'd think it would have crossed my mind.  The dentist's fancy website said their first visit was to be just a meet and greet &, even if he managed to look in her mouth, there was no way my girl was going to let anyone clean her teeth but, just in case miracles do happen, I was going to call the cardiologist on our drive in & swing by a drug store so it wasn't entirely hopeless but still.... of all the things to let slip. 

[Turns out Matt had something come up at work & had to leave super early, so I ended up calling at 7:50, when they opened, to cancel our 8am appointment.  Groveling doesn't even begin to cover it - this is The Guy with hospital privileges who can take care of her teeth while she's sedated when/if we get her ears tubed, so I don't want to alienate the staff.  Also, he won't schedule a sedated cleaning till we try the old fashioned way and their next available isn't till December, which means now IF we do get tubes put in and shoot for the fabled double ENT-DDS booking, it won't be till January, which ...(deep breath)... is a Brand New Deductible Year.  Awesome.]

But onto happier stories - DATE NIGHT!  Matt had a gift certificate for PF Changs, I have been clutching my $4 Groupon movie tickets for months, and Matt's parents were free to watch the kids...  could it really be?

Turns out PF Changs had an almost 2 hour wait so we drove around and found a cute little Mexican place with live music (well, a guy & a guitar. But he was good!).  While waiting to get in, we were smirking at the middle age suburban moms wearing their Twilight T-shirts who had clearly gathered for the opening night of episode XVI (or whatever).  They had a LIFE SIZED EDWARD CUT OUT with them at their table.  Oh my....

Sorry, I know some of y'all like it but I just don't get it.  She's EIGHTEEN.  All that staring longingly into each others' eyes...  Honey, you may want to jump him join him for all of eternity, but I guarantee you will not still think he's as charming when he pretends not to know where the laundry hamper is after your 213th anniversary.  Also, why do they keep repeating high school?  Very few people I know actually enjoyed high school (lord knows I didn't).  And it's the same course material, repeated ad nauseum.  For eternity.  How many times can one person take Algebra II?  You'd think after the 7th or 8th time he'd ace it and, in a nice suburban school like that, the teachers would notice and pull him aside to encourage him to take Trig, instead.  Why don't they attend college and get a triple major?  Revolutionary French literature, Central American botany, and, say, enology (vocab word!)?  Then the following decade they can study Shakespeare and modern dance.  That would at least be interesting.  And ol' Ed wouldn't have to hit on underage girls  (Seriously.  He's a 90 year old man hanging out with 16 year olds. Creepy.)

Anyway, while we were busy feeling culturally superior, one of the Twilight moms detached herself and came over - "Aren't you [the kid]'s dad?  I'm [his classroom aide]....  Are you his mom?"  [We thought later it would've been pretty funny if I had not been his mom.  Awkward!]  We chatted for a bit and she asked what he'd had earlier in the week, when he missed Monday & Tuesday.  And my famed social graces kicked in because I suddenly could not remember.  Which child?  Which pathogen?  Which week?  Given my look of confusion, I'm sure she wondered if I really was his mom.  Way to charm the teachers! I hadn't even had a margarita yet.

A pound of guacamole later I was happy and we waddled back to the car to go to the flicks.  But we were in the dark period between all the 7:30 and 10pm shows (the latter of which I'm too old to stay awake for).  Our two options?  The cartoon about the cat... or... yes, that's right... Twilight. 

Also, neither started at the theatre for which I had the Groupon, so full Friday night fare.

I'm sure the rest of the internet has already deconstructed the movie so I'll skip the Edward Bashing.  I was happy with my movie popcorn and icee, sitting next to my aging human spouse, ignoring the Worst Dialogue Ever Written. My darling, mushy husband, raised on John Hughes movies, thought it was kind of sweet.  I have elected to ignore this fatal character flaw.  Because THAT's what grown ups in a real marriage do, Bella.  We don't mock. 

(let's all give Matt a big cheer for being a good sport).


  1. Ahhhhh, that does sound grump inducing for sure.

    I'm curious why you think that you will need sedation to get her teeth cleaned? Does she have huge Dr anxiety- doesn't sound too bad.
    Our dentist allowed for several visits that were just adjustment visits to practice and Kayli was/is, despite huge anxiety and even after having a couple of teeth pulled (by another guy I'd like to hurt for being incompetent with his needle)able to be very successful at the dentists. Keep in mind that this is not the case for the Dr's always and she really has a lot of medical anxiety. We've also taught her to breath and other techniques. Just curious...

  2. Excellent question! Answer is I have no idea (if she needs to be sedated). I've fallen into the charming habit lately of immediately going to worst case scenario but I might also be totally off base (as I was about her neck Xrays, which were entirely painless). I know how she feels about me doing her hair (NOT happy) and I know how badly she grinds her teeth (maybe making something more than a quick looksee necessary?) but this DDS also sees a lot of kids w/special needs so he might have some more tricks than the family guy we saw first, for whom she refused to open her mouth. Also, Matt took her the first time & she might be calmer if I take her. Not a slam on Matt,I just have longer hair which is her Linus blanket.