Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Nite

I have a hundred little stories and yet still haven't posted Disney pictures... argh!

You know who employers LOVE?  They love employees who take a bunch of random half days, purportedly to care for their sporadically ill child, then leave on vacation for a week with two conveniently happy healthy children, who then come back sporting NEW contagions.  My girl's GI troubles seemed* to have ended, just in time for air travel and Mickey, but last Friday I got a call to pick her up from day care for for pink eye (Yeah! New and different infections!).  Over the weekend her brother developed croup so then HE stayed home for a couple days.  Matt managed to switch his schedule around to stay home with him Monday, but I took the Tuesday pm shift... but had already planned to take my girl to her new private speech therapy Wednesday afternoon, so that was twice this past week I slunk out at lunchtime.  I worked this weekend but still.... the Friday afternoon call was particularly well timed to raise eyebrows (not that anyone did - no one was around to notice it being Friday afternoon 'n all). 

Worse, my incredibly amazingly tolerant boss is moving up & out so there is Drama at the office.  My calm rational side knows that I usually get my time in and not one in a long string of managers has ever said boo about the patchwork manner in which it gets done and, legally speaking, I have eons of vacation time and then, worst case, I can always hide behind FMLA, but... BUT there is comfort in the familiar.  Especially the familiar who does not care to hear about my various afternoon appointments and catch-up Sundays.  The not-so rational side of me is chewing my fingernails, listening intently to office gossip, and fretting about unemployment numbers and the stagnant economy.

But on a happier note, our first private speech evaluation went pretty well.  My girl seemed to like the SLP, it's not grotesquely far away and it's only going to require we sell the unnecessary body parts to cover (I think I should be more excited about this?).  Even better - the SLP is tall, thin, & blond so Matt's griping about the costs should be minimized.

Hmmm... I seem to be in a mood.  We actually had a great weekend (date night! friends!) so I should just shut up, go to bed, and try this again later.  Sweet dreams?


  1. It's good to have the blog as a space where you can vent. Clearly your life is good, but you're allowed to use the blog to vocalize the particular challenges you're facing. Plus, you have an excellent blog voice. Even your complaining is pretty amusing. I endorse!

    I'm sorry about pink eye. I had a fear two weeks ago that Maybelle had that, but we sent her to school anyway, and they didn't send her home! Perhaps what I love is a school that doesn't seem that concerned about illness. Whatever--they'll all get it and get over it! Let them come to school!

  2. hey, knock that off. no slinking. you work hard, you do a good job, they can just deal with it. until someone actually says something to you, you should try not to stress. (I'm sure you can find other things to worry about.)

    good news about the speech. I still need to get on that.

  3. I just lost my beloved boss who was a family man for a young ambitious woman with no children and no plans to have them, sigh.... I can relate I guess is what I'm saying.