Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drive by

I probably should have clarified in my last post that The Boy's Drive By IEP was a full 6 months ago.  No, I'm not that far behind (on most things), I was just going to write about The Girl's IEP and realized I'd never finished his story.  There was going to be a clever segue but... yeah.  Sometimes the pillow calls.  Also?  Bonus, rare readably short post!
Give up on the ears already, mom! 
You know what else I'm behind on?  Easter photos.  Not that has anything to do with anything.
A Cousin, the Boy, and seriously goofy grin.

The Girl's IEP was last Wednesday and she "qualified" for summer school.  Something I was vaguely aware of but struck me as astonishingly asinine once I got the details:  she only qualified for summer school because she had shown regression during a two week flu+random break absence.  Sorry to be blunt, but she's already delayed - in whose minds is it even remotely acceptable to let her tread water for 3 months during the summer?  Wouldn't we, um, want to continue to build her skills?  No, we're going from 90 minutes/week of speech to 30, just so she doesn't lose the precious few sounds she's picked up.   We're not going to bother adding to those sounds, or try to turn them into, ohidontknow, WORDS.  Thanks to that great American pioneering spirit we're now going to have to figure out how to pull another 2-3 hours of private therapy up out of our scraped-all-to-hell boots.  [What is a boot strap anyway?  Aren't boots, by definition, strapless?]

I've emailed a couple people about this and general consensus is that it's SUMMER TIME and kids should be down by the poolside or picking up ticks in the backyard.  It's just... I don't get the summer off myself, so must warehouse them somewhere for three days a week and would be happier if they were learning something or exploring their creative halves and not, you know, sitting in a warehouse.  I have a feeling CPS might frown on the warehouse idea. 

[Noting for the record: I actually LOVE The Girl's ware, er, home away from home.  I could not wish for a warmer, more welcoming place or a more enthusiastic bunch of teachers.  It'd be nirvana if they provided speech therapy & OT but, alas... no.

I also realized that I'd be a lot more down with the pool idea if my girl could verbally express her interest in said pool.  I KNOW she's making progress -she really, really is- but sometimes that little whisper reminding me that we have no words yet snowballs into a shrieking harridan and I have try to breath through it.  

Mommy's funny when she starts shrieking! 
Eating more chocolate helps too.  
Ah, thanks honey, is all that for me?  


  1. I am SOOO behind in blogland. Sidelined by all the health crapola. Seriously ticking me off, but finally, making some headway and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sure as hell hope it isn't a train.

    Anyway, your girl is beautiful and I have n doubt that one day she will be jibber jabbering all about hanging poolside. If my girl continues to make progress,admittedly at a snails pace, your girl certainly will as well.

    Till then, just keep eating chocolate. It makes everything better. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

    1. I'm hoping the light is progress on the health front & not just blogland? Definitely hoping it's not a train. Good to hear from you!

  2. Great Easter photos! I think that summer's off is a great idea for kids who are not developmentally behind. With out the extended school year program, parents are having to scramble and come up with funds for ST, OT, PT, etc. Those precious 3 months are so important in building on and maintaining the skills that our children have already developed. It isn't as if our children would be in school all day during the summer. There would still be time for the pool, parks, etc.

    1. Exactly! Three months is 25% less than the therapy they consider "necessary" (which I still consider short but whatevs) the rest of the year. If I had a gazillion dollars I'd hire a lobbyist but, alas, have to pay for summer therapy instead. :)

  3. I appreciated the complaints along with Easter pictures! Nice contrast.

    Have you had the experience of trying and trying and trying for something with your girl, with no progress, and then suddenly seeing it all click into place? Biffle and I were reflecting on that last night, based on a conversation I had with a local mom who has a daughter about a year and a half younger than Maybelle. She was feeling despondent because she wasn't seeing any progress on the walking. And I think we worked Maybelle on a treadmill for more than a year before she showed ANY capacity to walk. And then she started walking!

    For me that was a good thing to remember. Progress is happening even if it's not always very visible.

  4. I completely agree - we saw the same thing with crawling (walking was more straight line progress) & some of her fine motor skills. I *DO* think she's making progress - more sounds & word approximations but no breakthroughs yet. I know she'll be fine but can't help but fret in the meantime.