Monday, April 30, 2012

When it rains

Oy.  You know those days where the BEST thing you can say is that no one lost a limb and you managed to park the car without driving it through the far side of the garage?  That would be today.  
     (Extended) Family crisis?  Emphatic check. 
     Hurt feelings? (mine, over something silly)  Check. 
     Troubling work issues?  Check. 
     Sprained hamstring forcing me to give up my precious heels?  Check.
     Small child who has refused to sleep for two (!) nights in a row
     because of the #$%^&* rainstorms?  Check.
     Blown Plumbing Gasket-y thing?  Check - Oh no, wait, that was last week.  


Two Mondays ago I came into work to find waterlogged ceiling panels strewn across my desk.  Shortly followed by a day of huffing mildew.  This past Saturday I was - wait for it - at work when Matt called to announce a pipe or something had broken in the upstairs bath and the light fixtures were dripping.  Things seem to have gone downhill from there.

Today is the type of day to remember the important stuff.  Like bathtub art.
Oh, look!  It's a water theme!

And sweet girls

And sweet boys

And missing teeth
[Tooth Fairy Inflation:  What happens at 5am when you realize you fell 
asleep without running up to the gas station for change]

And grown up boys 

And family trips to the zoo.  
The Girl with her Aunt & Uncle.

Six other random good things:
- I didn't get a ticket tonight driving home at 70 with the cop behind me.  70 in MO is like 85 in SoCal. Maybe 90.  I never got a ticket going 80mph in SoCal.  Here? I'm passing 94% of traffic at 70 and got pulled over once going 72.

- Matt is secretively planning a weekend away.  I'm not supposed to know about it.  He's good people.

- When my brother & his wife came to visit they brought home-cured salmon.  YUM.

- I played "zaniest" in WWF for 81 points.  Heh.

- When The Girl fell this weekend and cut her lip open she didn't need stitches, and when something small and fanged left a bunch of huge angry welts on the The Boy they were better by this morning - which I knew because I'd marked the edges with Sharpie (that would be spelled p.a.r.a.n.o.i.d.).

- The flood resulting from the broken thinga-ma-bob dried more or less without ruining anything.  Or so the professional insurance guy says.  If I start getting unaccountably cheerful, it's probably because I'm huffing mildew.  


  1. I am drinking a large glass of wine for you, does that help?

    It helps to find the little moments of gratitude on days like these, doesn't it?

    Hoping tomorrow is a better day.

    And your girl and boy .. darling. Just darling.

    1. This was partially inspired by your gratitude post which I'm about to belatedly comment on - so thanks. Perspective is a gift - sometimes I have to go hunt it down.

  2. My mouth dropped open at the WWF score. I've recently begun playing and am being beaten/trounced by every single person. I used to be so good at word games and have clearly lost my mojo.

    1. Any time you need to practice: mobile user krlr.

  3. Wow! What a week you have had :-( Hey, that is really smart with what you did using the sharpie around The Boy's welts. That is what we do in the medical field. I am horrible because I meant to check on you Saturday night after my family reported ridiculously large hail and tornado sirens--bad bad friend. I am glad that you are all okay.

    1. It was LOUD but I'm afraid we've been so busy we haven't yet eyeballed the roof. The thought of calling the insurance company again, twice in one week... another Oy!

  4. weekend away! you need that.

    1. Amen! He suggested MA this fall too....!

  5. I assume you've rectified the wine situation by now. How's your supply of dark chocolate? Perhaps you could repurpose whatever plumbing problems you're experiencing as "relaxing water feature". On HGTV, people pay big bucks for that sort of thing.

    1. Genius! A little waterfall onto my kitchen island. I bet it *would* be relaxing... especially with a glass of recently restocked wine.