Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: My Morning

The Ugly:
Two, no THREE hour drive!
Sticky suffocating snow - 
All one inch of it. 

The Bad:
Schools're closed. Horror
for working moms.  Kids learn to
engineer snow balls.

The Good:
Parked on the highway.
What to do?  Pretty newly
painted nails, haikus


  1. Funny, opposite here. We're getting a lot of snow, but school is on. not even a delay. an official delay, that is....the buses are all running really late. Bad call.

    I'm too cranky to write a haiku about it.

  2. M's normally 15-minute drive took about 1:20. And Olive was closed (his exit) so it was farther on to the next one and back around. He said he thought 5 mph was about his high, and people were being all paranoid about the dusting. Better than being ridiculous on slick roads I guess, but wow.

    And I don't think I could write a haiku, no matter my mood.

  3. LH mercy. That sounds terrible.

    I won't tell you what the weather in Charleston is like...

  4. I'm losing my mind trying to comment in wordpress.sigh. So I am here reading until it is resolved. I've seen that it is not just your blog- it's a blogspot thing.

  5. Late, late comment-reply. I tried earlier but as starr mentions, it was broken. The melting snow-turning-to-ice eventually went away. Two weeks later it's raining again. Now might be a good time to visit the beach!