Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not another haiku. Not really.

This morning, my sleepy boy requested a cuddle before I left.
Enviable eyelashes, last year's too small christmas jammies, growing boys who still love their mommies, and stinky morning breath.
A good start to the day.


I need a name for my little project since I'm likely veer wildly away from small stones theme, but I'm unwilling to drop the concept altogether: 
Rocks in [at?] glass houses (this blog obviously being the glass house)
Stony stars (vague Thousand Points of Light reference. Hah.)
Stoned (no)
Purple pebbles (as in Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse)
Pebbled paths (as in ‘the road less traveled’)
Or, going back to the ships:  Rocky seas, Stone Ships, stony ocean…
annnddd I’m not even making sense anymore.
 I actually like "Bedrock" since I grew up in earthquake country and it’s always a comfort to find a bit of solid earth -  strong foundations, returning to the basics, blah, blah - but it's not exactly poetic.  Purple pebbles might be better but it seems a bit too cute.  I can do cheese - slathery dripping melted cheese (to wit: this entire project) but not so much The Cute.  Thoughts & suggestions welcome.

Edited to add: 
We might have a winner - Boulder-dash Daily (?)
See:  Balderdash.  Making light of the nonsense that is my "daily affirmation" (ick!) project.

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  1. Boulder-Dash Daily makes me laugh. Bedrock does, too, since it reminds me of the Flintstones.

    Making me laugh is definitely a good thing!