Monday, January 9, 2012

HUnt the Good Stuff

[aka The Pursuit of Happiness in the 21st Century  (i.e. with shorter words)]

I've been quietly mocking my little happiness/small stone project since my goal isn't so much the writing as it is to remind myself of all the little things that might otherwise get lost in the sweeping wind that is Me, Getting Through the Day.  I have feared this will all lean perilously close and topple into some new age Feel the Crystal affirmations, which makes me itchy, so in my head I'm just calling it "taking notes".  Also because I have no comfort level discussing depression cloudy days.  Turns out our federal government, in all its infinite wisdom, has already taken the beach - I heard this on my way into work on Sunday.  Dude, if it works for the war vets, then I'm going mom-up and go for it.  (Totally ignoring the FUBAR & SNAFU jokes.  Also, did they know the acronym for this little experiment was going to be "HUGS"?  Did that give no one pause?  Though if it's not going to bother the chiseled combat soldier, then who am I to snicker?  Hug away!   


Saturday:   Movie night with the boy - hot chocolate, popcorn, AND a milkshake. He gave up half way thru his hot cocoa, right after Clark Griswold got the lights to work.

Sunday:  The frost on my car when I headed into work for a few hours. A reminder that winter is coming (I just finished Game of Thrones last night at midnight) and I should probably spend my afternoon today cleaning the garage so both cars can fit inside.  But I also finished Game of Thrones last night at midnight and should probably go take a nap.

Monday:  The look on my girl's face as the nurse left the exam room, freeing the spinning stool, as she realized I wasn't going to stop her.  Sly glee.


  1. doesn't "hunt the good stuff" sound kind of...violent? are you supposed to shoot it down and kill it?

  2. Things I noticed in your post: "Me, Getting Through the Day," "(depression) cloudy days." You and I are in a surprisingly similar place these days.

    Game of Thrones: very distracting, so good choice! I'm currently reading quite a bit of science fiction, which is also distracting.

  3. I read the 2nd GoT, all 969 pages, in 4 days over X-mas. Would you prefer I send it to you now, or can you wait until I finish the 3rd (this weekend) so I can mail them together?