Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dark Corners, Revisited

So I broke our other car yesterday, which I was driving because it was still icy & Car B has four wheel drive.  Probably the transmission.  What are the odds of both cars breaking at the same time, two weeks before Christmas, both while I have the keys?  It’s not like the husband never turns them on.  I hardly ever drive his car.  After a late night pick up (Look kids! It’s 10pm!  Aren’t we having fun staying up so late?!)  I tried to leave for work this morning and MY car wouldn’t start.  AGAIN.  I’d like to consider myself reasonably rational and I would tell myself that even if originally nice, both cars are hitting the 10 year marks and will start needing repairs.  Ration-smashin’.  I need a serious de-hexing or exorcism.  That my husband wiggled the teensy tiny wire leading into the alternator and the car started just fine does not mitigate the jinx.  It just makes the irony of the previous $288 “fix” worse. 

On an upbeat note, I’ve moved past the “woe-is-me” stage of grieving and have now made peace with the fact that we will eventually end up living in a transmission-less car on the side of the street.  Probably without the dogs ‘cause they will all have run off ‘cause my life is nothing but a sad country song.  But look kids!  Now that Mommy was fired, because she lacked the requisite transportation to reach said establishment, I have so much extra time for you!  Let's go to the park - Everyone out now and push! 
This is not me.
This is my absolutely fabulous neighbor striking a pose whilst pushing my car in heels at the U-Gas. 
At midnight. 
Three days ago. 
In case you're having trouble keeping track (I sure as hell know I am), that would be Car A.
Car B was yesterday. 
[She broke her shoe in the process, which I feel responsible for too]
Photo credit to my other fabulous neighbor who saw fit to document our experience, paparazzi-like.

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