Friday, December 31, 2010

On a Lighter Note

The boy's favorite expressions du jour:

Fiddlesticks.  When thwarted.  Because his inner self is really a 67 year old Southern lady? 
I haven't the faintest idea where he would have heard this - who says fiddlesticks?? 

And since we're on topic, what ARE fiddlesticks?  ....just googled:  a violin bow, a trifle, an injection - "nonsense", or a family fun park in Tempe, Arizona.  Thank you, your vocab lesson of the day is done. 

Was this made with love?  When inquiring as to the source of the sustinence presented.  It was adorable when we were discussing the cookies for Santa.  Oddly sassy when I'm just giving him toast.  Yes, yes, the butter is from happy cows and the wheat was grown under a rainbow.  Now pipe down and eat. 

I'm so made at you I could just....mmmpphhh.  Massive improvement over earlier years when he would just flop down to the floor and cry.  Also cute in he's yet to formulate a plan. 

My girl:
Now knows the difference between the signs for baby and love. 
But she is now refusing to sign 'mom'.  Only signs 'dad'.  She thinks it's FUNNY to break mommy's heart like that, because she's laughing when she does it, but it works out well for me at diaper & bath time. 

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