Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shopping recommendation

Shipping paper.
Lots & lots of shipping paper.
The gift that keeps on giving.
[And yes, I know my baby looks like an urchin here - half nekkid and needing shampoo -
but how can you resist that laugh?]
Couple commets - my husband will object to the back-of-the-head shot because of The Spot but she also signed Dad in my little clip, which is just awesome.  Also, this video is not nearly as crappy on my computer as it is here, after being uploaded, so sorry, work through it.  Last, you probably can't see it given the aforementioned crappy video, but when I mention bedtime I got the "What is wrong with you woman, can't you see I'm having fun?  I'll pretend I can't hear you" look.  It's going to be delightful when she hits 13.

We had birthday party today at an ice rink.  First time on ice ever for the boy.  By the end he'd figured out it was much more fun to build up speed & slide on the kiddie cart, then to actually try to stay upright.


Evidence I laced up.
I knew I'd ice skated before (as distinguished from high school roller skating -
low lights, disco ball, and...was it Chaka Khan?  Yikes.) but it wasn't till we got on the ice that I remembered where - Gigi would take us (I think just me?) to the rink in the mall near her house,
when we (I?) was visiting.  Hi Gigi - we miss you!

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