Saturday, December 11, 2010


More car drama but I will wait till the happy ending - the @#$%^& dealership giving me my $288 back - to bore you with the $%^&*(#  details of my mo-$%^&* car.  [I might be just a teensy bit too annoyed to relay in coherent fashion].

In the meantime, this is why I absolutely adore my job:

Letter to Atty A (by way of explanation):
blah, blah, blah.... Our investigation into this loss has revealed information which may impugn your clients' testimony in litigation...  {claim denied}

Letter to Atty B:
We are in receipt of your letter of representation dated 12/1/10.

Enclosed is a copy of the letter sent to your clients’ prior counsel denying the claim.

Please also note coverage for this loss is uncertain; we have issued a reservation of rights to our renter citing her material misrepresentation of the facts and the intentional loss exclusion of the policy.

Should you wish to pursue the matter further we would be delighted to take your clients’ Exams under Oath.

And yes, I did italicize delighted in my formal business letter.  If you're going to try to commit insurance fraud, don't be so obvious about it.

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  1. that's hilarious. I'm going to use delighted from now on, in your honor.